2022 teacher recruitment reform, more cuts than incentives

Teacher employment reform 2022: too many cuts, few wage increases, obstacle course for the post of chairman: School strike 30 May.

There reform of recruitment of teachers starts on the wrong leg: The list drawn up by the unions on the critical issues considered insurmountable touches on 21 points that burn a little for everyone, from the increasingly obstacle course to achieving the coveted professorship to the dramatic cuts planned to fund an additional education system already on paper limited to a small number of teachers.

Extra pay for a few

This first point, which is the one-time remuneration element that is accessory and associated with a rigorous training course with a lot of double evaluation, allows for the launch of a reward system based on passing certified training courses, but to perceive this increase of additional scholarship the salary will probably not even be half that of the teachers. The technical report accompanying Decree 46, published in the Official Gazette on 30 April, sheds light on the number of teachers involved and on the amounts made available.

That incentives Salary – to the extent stipulated by national collective bargaining – can only be obtained by teachers who participate voluntarily (in overtime) courses starting from the school year 2023/2024, complete with both intermediate and final evaluation, with the aim of verifying the achievement of an appropriate level of education in relation to the goals.

As specified in the technical report that accompanied the recruitment reform, it is possible to estimate the number of teachers who benefit from the incentives, taking into account some factors: the number of participants annually in the training activities organized by thatschool institutions, corresponding to about 30% of full-time teachers; the consequences of the new legislation based on reward:

It is estimated that with respect to the historical data reported above, it is possible to achieve an increase of 10% of the investment, leading to 40% (equivalent to approximately 280,000 units) the number of trainee teachers for each of the school years from 2023/24 to 2032/33.

Exactly, the salary could be integrated thanks to the training of 34,091 teachers in the kindergarten and 93,245 in the primary school, for 58,148 teachers in the primary school and 93,928 active colleagues in the high school, to a total of 279,412 staff units.

The school reform in the Folketing: the focal points

The implementing decree on the 2022 reform of teacher recruitment will begin its parliamentary process on Tuesday 10 May. The points that we will certainly discuss in a heated way will not only be those related to the increases in extra salary reserved for a minority share of the audience of potential recipients, but also many others.

Cutting chairs to fund incentives

Eyes on ways in which this incentive is funded (Training Incentive Fund): with reduction of over 12 thousand professorships:

  • 1,695 places per. September 1, 2026;
  • 2,092 places per. September 1, 2027;
  • 2,328 places per. September 1, 2028;
  • 2,289 places per. September 1, 2029;
  • 2,143 places per. September 1, 2030;
  • 2,028 seats per. September 1, 2031.

The cuts relate to the primary school, 1st grade primary school and above all 2nd grade high school, to positions in the legal staff (permanent placements, temporary staff as of 31 August, relocations of permanent teachers, temporary tasks).

Teacher paper with risk of cuts

The one-off remuneration element to increase access to training courses for all permanent teachers at all levels and levels in the school system also allows for further cuts: Teacher cardwhose resources will be redirected to the new one Higher Education School for the years from 2027, unless other means are available.

School strike on May 30: the reasons

The many critical points in the teacher recruitment reform of 2022 led to the unions (Cisl, Flc Cgil, Uil, Snals and Gilda) after vain attempts at conciliation calling for a national strike on Monday 30 May with the following requests.

  1. Excerpts from the reform of the contract parts.
  2. Start of renewal of the agreement.
  3. Equalization of salaries for school staff to other government employees with the same qualification and title.
  4. Review and customization of ATA profiles.
  5. Less bureaucracy in teachers’ work.
  6. Education in the area of ​​competence school autonomy and teaching staff.
  7. Review of Organic Attribution Parameters for Schools for Educational, Educational, and ATA Staff.
  8. Reduction of the number of students per grade.
  9. Limit of nine hundred students per. school.
  10. Specific methods for recruiting and stabilizing de facto positions.
  11. Simplified ways to access the role of those with significant work experience.
  12. Extraordinary staff to handle emergencies 2022-23.
  13. Restoration of the 2013 work.
  14. A technical assistant at every first cycle school.
  15. Discipline in the renewal of the national collective agreement of the criteria for the abolition of restrictions.
  16. Staff increase in school partners of 2,288 units.
  17. Competition for administrative assistants acting as DSGA with three years of service without specific qualification.
  18. Announcement of competition for DSGA.
  19. Simplifications for secretariats with regard to inappropriate tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings) re-internalization of school administration competencies.
  20. Revision of the ATA Substitutes Regulation.
  21. Recognition of the state of implementation of the economic positions.

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Teacher recruitment: what is changing

The text of the reform contains an integrated model for teacher education and qualification with basic education, regular school competition and then continuing education (up to 5 exams are provided in total).

  • -one university course qualifying with equivalent final exam (60 university or academic credits);
  • -one public competition nationally, held on a regional or interregional basis;
  • -one trial period in service for one year with final testing and final evaluation.

Transition phase 2022-2024

  • the uncertain with three years of service Competition winners will be placed under a part-time contract and will in the meantime complete a training period to acquire the missing 30 ECTS (part through internship), with a final exam to obtain the qualification.
  • graduates and substitutes without three years of service they will be able to achieve the first 30 points and then access the public competition and continue on the indicated path.

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School salaries: the new shots

In addition to the possibility of gaining access to the wage incentive linked to education, there is one wage development of seniority in five installments: the first after four years and the following every five years. At the end of each level reached, one is required verify linked to students’ academic performance. Wage developments will be determined by national agreement (CCNL School).

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