Windows without curtains: when to choose this solution?

Whether the curtains should be inserted or not is a choice that depends on several factors: from the panorama facing the windows, from the desire for privacy, from orientation of the apartment and therefore from the light who manages to come naturally into the home, and also from preferences in terms of style.

Those who have a classic style in a distinctly rich and decorative version to their home generally choose curtains; on the other hand, those who prefer a minimalist style or perhaps the Scandinavian taste appreciate bare windows, without curtains. Then five apartments where the choice was radical: no to tents.

1 Large openings and views to the private garden

One case where it is often the windows with no tendency to win is that where the view allows it, or because the apartment faces a particularly interesting view, or because you have a private garden and therefore there are no privacy issues . .

In this case, the apartment, although small in size, has a private garden of 200 square meters, an excellent reason to leave the windows without curtains and let both light and the green surroundings of the garden enter the house.

The furniture revolves around the large sliding opening, which will be the main character of the project.

Prog without curtains 2

The living area of ​​this apartment is around the large French door that faces the garden that surrounds it and is kept without filters

See the whole project, architect Tommaso Giunchi, styling by Laura Mauceri, photos by Adriano Pecchio

2. Underplayed Scandinavian style

Another reason for choosing not to insert curtains at home concerns adherence to a style, in this case between the minimalist and the Scandinavian. We are in a one bedroom apartment designed for one person and newly renovated. The goal of the project was to make the most functional and orderly spaces to achieve an apartment that conveys a refined and bright atmosphere.

Not inserting curtains here is a choice that is consistent with the overall interior design project: more light and less accessories for a super tidy home.

Project without curtains 3b

The living area of ​​this apartment has a French door giving access to the balcony. It is without curtain, an answer consistent with the other stylistic choices that were followed for the renovation.

The bedroom is also eloquent: in addition to the lack of curtains, even the decorations on the wall are reminiscent of the Scandinavian style and restore a homogeneous environment with the rest of the apartment.

The bedroom is also eloquent: in addition to the lack of curtains, even the decorations on the wall are reminiscent of the Scandinavian style and restore a homogeneous environment with the rest of the apartment.

Look at the whole project of Euro Design Studio, styling by Rosaria Galli, photos by Claudio Tajoli

Super essential in the mini apartment of 37 sqm

When the living space is really small – in this case it is only 37 square meters – it becomes it is important to insert only the necessary because each additional item which you take inside the house becomes a mess and subtracts comfort. Also for this reason and because we wanted to prioritize the space to welcome friends in this apartment the windows are kept without curtains and there is also no room for other accessories. In fact, it is above all the colors of the textiles and the decorations of the wallpaper that characterize the style of the house.

Project without curtains 4

View of the living space, characterized by a subtraction process designed not to exaggerate with the overall dimensions; the windows are also part of it, kept without curtains

See the whole project, styling by Salvina Bosco and Salvatore Cilauro, photos by Cristina Fiorentini

4. Attic with terrace: even more light without curtains

A large open space on the top floor of a new building and with in addition a prominent terrace and a balcony more than one and a half meters deep: the ideal situationfrom a privacy point of view, to be able to leave the windows without curtains and allow more light possible to enter the house.

These factors, combined with the customers’ choice to favor a modern style, led to the choice of eliminating the curtains in this apartment: the open space is therefore very bright, and the style is coherent both in furniture choice and in the related to details.

Project without curtains 5

The living room, which includes the kitchen, is a large open space lit by two windows and a French door

Project without curtains 5c

A detail of the kitchen island and the French window without curtains

Project without curtains 5b

The bathroom in this apartment also has a window without curtains; in this case, however, the window glass is silkscreen

See the whole project, by Elisa Monico, Studio Easy Relooking, photos by Claudio Tajoli, styling by Rosaria Galli

5. Without curtains, windows and shutters in relief

A small apartment part of a historic building and a choice to make: Reinforce the architectural identity of the structure or insert new details? In this case, the frescoes from the vault from the nineteenth century, the decorated frames on the doors and the historic floor won.

To give these elements as much attention as possible, a subtraction work was done, which also involved the windows, which are without curtains.. And it is also through this choice that the architecture emerges, as well as being able to penetrate a large amount of natural light.

Project without curtains 1

The living area includes a rich door decorated with a frame dating back to the nineteenth century and the windows are without curtains, to give more importance to the architecture

Project without curtains 1b

A detail of the window compared to the other elements in the residential area

See the whole project by R3Architetti, photo by Marco Popescu

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