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There I am tweet of appreciation, allow us for once an editorial of appreciation. In these parts, we are very sensitive to the various “complicated” aspects that Serie C football encounters every year.. The undersigned, for example, have often been highly critical of the reform – to put it mildly, slow progress – as well as the overall management of the Catania case. We talk about the championship Sunday after Sunday, now comes the market, but we follow (at least, we try to keep up) even in a constant and sometimes very careful way all the different cases that explode. We have had some this year, and for the record we will soon have some: We have already wondered what happened to the idea of ​​abolishing revocation and readmissions, and with the registrations this year, the sea is getting pretty rough. The premise serves a purpose: to clarify that if the author, for once, wants to look at the beauty of our championship, it does not mean that we forget everything else and argue that everything runs smoothly. Just give us a few lines of appreciation for once.

THAT the playoffs they are a show. The Lega Pro invented them, God forbid, but it rejected them in the sense of another championship to be added to the most important, given their size. From this point of view, they are also stressful and cruel to those who go out of their way, however that’s life. They question the values ​​of an entire season, even if the strongest still move on in the end. And they offer games that are much more popular than the “regular” ones. Having given more than half of the category such an important queue for the season has also “killed” the question of potential match-fixing at the root – again: there is, we do not have a nose ring, but – markedly fallen compared to the past not too far .

The idea is so good that sooner or later we will also have them in Serie A.. Even the walls know that Gravina would introduce them tomorrow, recently a player of a certain weight like Chiellini also talked about it: the dear old ball was supposed to be a bit spectacular without distorting it. And the playoffs are perfect, like so many small innovations that Serie C has provided. Recently, it will not escape that in Italy five replacements per match they were first introduced in the third series: now everyone uses them and there is no going back. For obvious economic reasons, VAR was not tested in C before they moved up, but for example, not everyone remembers that it ran the 1993-1994 season, C1 and C2 were the first Italian championships to test the three points per. match. Today, they seem to us to be the rule, they were an epoch-making news.

It is this role as a place of experimentation that Series C, in addition to its local dimension, should (and wants, as far as we know, proof of this is the recent launch of NFTs, which still not everyone knows what they are, but certainly represents the future) to use as a lever to remind everyone their own importance in the football system. Second team has written a lot in recent weeks, we are not going back. But there is one thing to remember about young people: This season, in Serie A, only twelve players since 2002 have played more than 500 minutes. In Serie B there are only seven, in Serie C they become fifty: it is a significant asset. And in terms of innovations, let’s look to the future: for example, the C could offer itself to test another novelty that is much talked about at the international level, in fact time. It would be another Copernican revolution passing from below. And the areas to be explored would be many: popular stock holdings, for example, in Italy a large unknown. A new Italian Cup: does the A-League not open for an FA Cup-like competition? Why not suggest a cup that combines B and C? Maybe we go a little too far with ideas. But it is from there that we start again, and it is from them that the C must initiate any discussion of its usefulness for football, Italian and other things.