Why Graphic Design Festival: Creative meet in a ‘hybrid’ edition

From 13 to 15 November the fourth edition of Why Graphic Design Festival, event dedicated to new frontiers of visual culture. Through ZOOM platform and integrated streaming on facebook all content will be made available to the public.

In a year of great challenges, losses and changes, Why Graphic Design Festival has promised to offer tools, networks and inspiration for new generations of designers. The program of streaming events in this issue deals with current topics such as online teaching, quarantine creativity and the relationship between graphics and the community, as well as showcasing the work of some of the most innovative Tuscan designers.

The lectures are many and offer main characters and design realities such asillustrator Ale Giorgini, the graphic studio Muttnik, the type designer and Art Director Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, the creative study Monogrid and visual designer Raissa Pardini.

The competition

That Why Graphic Design Festival launched poster competition international “Physically distant – socially connected” get jobs from all over the world. Being away from each other is the hardest thing for people because it goes against our nature, especially when it comes to difficult times. Our natural survival instinct pushes us to stick together, united. With the competition creative were invited to reflect on the concept of physical and social distanceto honor moments of connection and solidarity. The ten best works will be exhibited in the Studenterhotel Firenze from 13 November, while the winner of the competition will be announced on the festival’s Facebook page on Sunday 15 November at 15.00

The exhibition at the Student Hotel

In the yard to The student hotel the group exhibition is set up “Pause” which presents the work of graphic designers and illustrators in Tuscany. The title wants to play on the concept of rebirth, regeneration, but at the same time evoke an essential activity for emotional and cultural growth: leisure, being in school together, tapping at the sound of the bell, letting the mind wander. While the distancing now prevents us from playing together in person, the works will dialogue freely, create new imaginative synergies and track a mapping of creative of the territory.

Personal workshop

Despite the difficulties and limitations, the curators Laura Ottina and Nvard Yerkanian they have organized a hybrid program filled with workshops, from embroidery to 3D animation. The workshops will be conducted in full compliance with applicable safety regulations and have a price of between 50 and 75 euros (WhyFestival membership card included). Saturday 14 will be held a workshop of 3D animation with Ruggero Lupo Mengoni. Sunday 15 “From illustration to embroidery” with Eva Di Franco, a laboratory of Design system with Pierfilippo Ariano from BeFamily and a laboratory of Risograft print with Concretipo.

The online voice program

Friday, November 13th 19.00 opening of the festival live on Facebook.

Saturday, November 14th
15:40 Gabriella Grizzuti presents “Handbook of calligraphy”
16:20 Ale Giorgini presents “Interval Windows Edition”
17:00 “Physically distant, socially connected”. Discussion of online teaching with Jonathan Pierini (ISIA U), Susanna Cerri (Uni-Fi), Francesco Fumelli (ISIA Fi), Laura Moretti (IED Florence), Cinzia Ferrara (Uni-Pa), Giacomo Guccinelli (TheSign Academy)
18:40 David Hartono presents “Projection Mapping: space, identity, collaboration and experimentation”
19:30 Muttnik presents “Muttnik: behind the scenes”
(Link to participation https://tsh-events.zoom.us/j/94178366215)

Sunday, November 15th
15:00 Announcement of the winners of the poster competition “Physically distant, socially connected”
15:40 Bob Liuzzo presents “Postcards from quarantine – when society closes, creativity opens”
16:20 Deborah Manetti presents “Why We Design”
17:00 Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini presents “Karane type, characters against the pandemic”
17:40 “Norwegian Atmosphere” – Tommaso Bovo conversations with the study Olssøn Barbieri
18:30 Monogrid presents “Udistancing. How to create a digital event “
19:30 Raissa Pardini presents “The concept of social conscience in design”
(Link to participation https://tsh-events.zoom.us/j/94705472929)

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