who he is, what he does, and how to become one

With the advent of what have become the new digital industries of the present and future period, acquired by graphical designer has established itself in the market as one of the hottest trades of the next period. This perspective also affects other professions belonging to the digital world.

According to a study reported by The cableis the incentive to search for digital figures in their own companies increased by 13% more than in the previous period. These data, taken individually, indicate a strong desire for digitization in companies whose perception finally seems to have turned towards a more modernmore sustainable and more efficient than business models now dated.

Acquired by graphical designermoreover, it becomes even more important if we consider that the visual element for brands is an increasingly effective point of attention. In its previous meaning, the profession as a graphic designer was often and often devised with other definitions belonging to the same field, according to Wikipedia:

The craft of graphic, due to its previous perception, it has been mistaken for other professions inherent in the same professional field. In fact, the general tendency is to associate this professional figure with any profession belonging to the field of visual communication, whose sector tends to be more varied and generalistic as a whole. But over time, this perception stabilized until it became more specific and therefore less dynamic.

To date in a world where people are increasingly attracted to visual elements with great impact, the role of the graphic designer is a highly relevant figure. Whether it’s your own brand or a company outside your competencies, the graphic element it can not be overlooked for any reason.

More specifically, the aforementioned figure has optimal competencies to be able to convey his message in the best possible way, in a decidedly more complete and versatile way. Who can make us better understand how one graphical designerif not someone working in this industry?

In this video by Lorenzo Migliettaas well as in the rest of the content on his channel, you will find some really interesting ideas related to this profession, including study paths, elements to consider and experiences related to your professional life.

Graphic designer: the definition of the profession

That graphical designerin the generic sense, is a professional figure working within visual communicationand makes sure to develop specific ideas or messages in the form of graphics, making these images effective also from a communicative point of view.

In general, this figure works closely with brands and companies of various kinds, with the aim of helping them make all the improvements needed to have a own identity that is clearly visible and recognizable by anyone.

As you can easily guess, this professional figure is not only effective when it comes to graphics in the narrow sense, but also plays a fundamental role in ad field, therefore commercial and promotional for a specific brand or product. In fact, for the marketing sector, figures corresponding to the graphic designer’s characteristics are increasingly required over time.

This in view of the enormous centrality that a similar role plays with the development of the digital world. Reporting what is also expressed by the blog of The Social Academy, a character working with graphic design should not only have creativity in his work arsenal. In fact, another element of fundamental importance is it technician.

Those who work in this sector need to know all aspects of the key perfectly editors, and stay up to date on the latest trends in the world of graphics, with the sole purpose of offering a quality service, which is at the same time effective in the short and long term. In short, it is not as easy to define the role of the graphic designer as it might seem.

The premise to be done, as with any other profession, is to devise these roles in their fullness. specificity. In fact, many people mistakenly attribute generic concepts to specific numbers, without actually considering them as a sector part worthy of further study.

Graphic designer: what he does and what are his skills

The competencies in graphical designer, as well as with regard to every feature of his subject, they are extremely technical and specific. On an overall level, the graphic artist makes sure to combine artistic, technical and communication skills, to give life to an idea that has its own well-defined form and identity.

Moreover, this figure addresses both the textual and the visual side of communication and intervenes where it is specific relative choices the layout, font of the characters and the length to be considered for a particular type of message.

The graphics created for obvious reasons must be a pleasure to the eye, and above all, they must be effective for the result you want to achieve. The tasks that such a figure must perform are, as can be easily understood, numerous. In this regard, a content created by the team quotes from Neuvoohere are some of the most important:

  • Use edited tools and photos for beautiful graphics
  • Make a rough account of the necessary costs and timing
  • Coordinate your work with the other characters in the marketing department
  • Think of the design strategy together with the customer

Of course, the short list above does not include all the tasks mentioned in graphical designer shall be careful. But they serve to delineate the type of profession that needs to be delineated in a more precise way. The first aspect actually highlights the main technical features implicitly required by each corresponding figure.

The second highlighted skill reveals a little more side management of this profession. The third, on the other hand, emphasizes how any figure in the marketing field should play their role best, including the ability to interface with other roles. Last but not least the ability to relate to the customerwhich shows that he knows how to satisfy his needs in the best way.

Graphic designer: This is how you become it!

Become one graphical designer, especially in Italian territory, inevitably leads to take a different path. In this regard, an article excerpted from the blog to “Grafigata“goes into detail on this aspect.

Basically we are talking about having to first know in depth every detail inherent in the discipline of graphic design, from the use of colors to a proper graphic style. Since it is not a profession that is regulated by specific and special bodies at the moment, there is not even a well-defined course of study that can enable you to become a graphic designer.

Some choices therefore also prove to be particularly suitable for those who act as self-taught, learning and applying each concept and each required skill independently. This option, of course, does not exclude in any way the choice of one Course of Study university type.

However, in a period where online courses are a real constant, it is also possible to turn to specific courses designed specifically for those who are eager to enter this subject.

Graphic designer: how much does this professional figure earn?

The professional figure of graphical designer, as well as for other roles belonging to the same sector, it is freely available and merit-based. In fact, the fact that there are no recognition bodies or professional registers in most cases makes these professions freely available to everyone.

That’s why it’s available to anyone to become a graphic designer for so long education and competence are the two priority reference elements. Having ascertained the presence of this condition, it is possible to go directly to the wage aspect, which is of absolute interest. According to what is stated by JobbyDoothe rough estimates back to 2001 correspond to these figures:

The average salary for a graphic designer is € 1,500 net per month (approximately € 27,500 gross per year), € 50 (-3%) lower than the average monthly salary in Italy.

The salary of a graphic designer can start from a minimum salary of € 900 net per month, while the maximum salary can exceed € 2,700 net per month.

As with any trade in the industry, these numbers are very variedand are heavily dependent on the business context referred to.

Graphic designer: the final conclusions

The craft of graphical designerLast but not least, it is a profession that requires excellent skills in creativity, engineering and communication. These three elements are actually crucial to the outcome of a particular communication campaign, and they really can make the difference for a brand or company they work for.

The road to being able to pursue this profession is certainly not easy, given there is no genuine reference. However, the world of graphic design is absolutely meritocratic, and carving one’s place in this sector can result in less complicated expected.

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