who can teach English

who can teach English

The Ministry of Education has passed DI n. 90/2022 on the teaching staff as 2022/23. Primary school: teaching English and using time segments.

Organic 2022/23

DI n. 90/2022, as stated in note no. 14603/2022, provides for the school year 2022/23:

  • the transformation of the overall need for pedagogical staff, indicating that it should be set aside for teaching staff. movement in primary school for fifth grade;
  • estimated the number of fifth-graders where motor education can be activated and the relative maximum limit for the number of places, including those corresponding to the sum, at the provincial level, of the two-hour hourly contributions. brought back to places throughout;
  • the forecast for the maximum proportion of teaching staff to be allocated to the classes provided for as an exception to the dimensions identified by Presidential Decree 81/2009, broken down by region.

L ‘organic autonomyas 2022/23, constitutes:

  • 620,256 common places, of which 2,247 places / hours brought home for teaching Ed. mobility in primary school and 8,741 intended for classes to constitute an exemption from the limits laid down in Presidential Decree 81/09;
  • 50,202 common places for upgrading;
  • 117,170 support posts, of which 6,446 reinforcement posts for support.

Here is the division by region and level of education

Primary school staff

The staff in the primary and lower secondary school’s autonomy comprises a total of:

  • 191,260 common places (including places for physical education)
  • 17,932 common sites for upgrade
  • 43,699 support posts (including those for upgrading)

Time segments

The time segments, we read in note no. 14603/2022, are also used in the primary school, so that the same together with the remaining hours from the establishment of other positions (including the English-speaking ones) contribute to the formation of entire positions within the same school. .

Once the schedule clips found at the same school have been used, if there are at least 12 left hours, the latter can be brought back to an entire placeto reabsorb any loser placed on the staff of the same school’s autonomy without prejudice to the regional staffing limit.

In the aforementioned note, it is pointed out that the human resources have been used primarily to maintain the schedule models that are in place in the school and to ensure the continuity of the schedule for the lessons that the students followed the previous year..

These are the possible schedule models in primary school:

  • 27 hours per week for normal hours (school hours defined as 24 hours per week can only be activated in the presence of a sufficient number of requests to form a class);
  • 40 hours for extended tuition.

Teaching the English language

The teaching of the English language we read in the aforementioned note, it is communicated in a generalized way within the classes assigned to them, by teachers who possess the necessary prerequisites.

Basically, the teaching of the English language must be left to the teachers of the class in possession of the necessary prerequisites, who also teach in other disciplines in the same (class). It is up to the school head after consulting the teaching staff to proceed with the aforementioned task.

Only in the event that it is not possible to allocate the language lessons through an equal distribution of the hourly loads, places will be established for subject teachers. The creation of such posts must take place:

  • avoid an excessive division of the site;
  • do not exceed the ceiling in one place for every 8 classes.

regarding requirements to teach English I am (one of the following):

(a) pass the competition for examinations and qualifications for primary school teaching posts with the passing of the English language test, or sessions reserved for obtaining eligibility in the primary school with the passing of the English language test; or

b) proof of participation in methodological language teaching courses approved by the Ministry; or

c) hold a degree in elementary school science or a degree in a foreign language valid for teaching the specific foreign language in high school; or

d) certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs certifying a period of service of at least 5 years abroad with placement outside the role in the English-speaking area in the area where the service was performed abroad.

School staff 2022-23, 620,256 places, 2,247 for sports, 11 thousand for support. DECRET and PLACES TABLES [PDF]

School staff 2022-23, Ministry of Education operational indications for all grade levels and school orders. NOTE [PDF]

Primary motor education: 24,693 classes for 2247 places. Full number of employees for 2022-23

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