Ukrainian war, school destroyed: surviving students and teachers still wanted

In the city of Luhans’k, the capital of the relative oblast of the Ukrainians and the capital of the self-proclaimed republic of the same name recognized by Moscow, there was bloodshed at a school caused by explosive devices lost from a military plane attributed to the troops of the Russian occupation.

The military action took place on Saturday afternoon, local military chief Serhiy Hayday, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, said in a press release that the school building had been destroyed. Hayday also said that an air strike attributed to Russian troops hit the school in the village of Bilohorivka, located about eleven kilometers from the front line of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, around 4.37pm on Saturday, causing the outbreak of devastating fires it took almost four hours to go out and affected dozens of nearby buildings. According to sources attributed to the Ukrainian military leader in the area, an elementary school ended in flames and that about 60 people lost their lives due to the fires that developed inside the rooms.


CNN has boldly collected the statements from the survivors, hit and neutralized by collapsing floors, crumbling bricks; a gas leak affected the areas of the building and started the burning of the wooden furniture. It is quite clear at first glance that the attack was due to a replacement of the building with a Ukrainian military outpost, which does not justify a tragedy of this nature.

The heartbreaking statements from survivors: “we were confused, we did not understand anything more”

The school video shared by Hayday on the Telegram application shows a building that was completely razed to the ground by the military attack in question. Another survivor, Sergiy, told CNN microphones that he was in the school basement when the bomb hit and that all three floors of the building collapsed. “one on the other”. “We did not understand anythingSaid Sergiy. “We were inside. Suddenly everything fell apart. Dark. That’s all.” Yevgen, meanwhile, described a desperate escape. “I was the first ever to start climbing”he has declared. “I tore up the bricks and threw them away. There were planks and planks of wood. The locals who were not in the basement helped and used a hose to tear these boards off.”.

Survivors said that among the neighbors they sought refuge with were several elderly grandparents. “Imagine what they bombed”, said Sergiy. “An ordinary village with only pensioners and children.”

UN Crisis Coordinator for Ukraine and UN Deputy Secretary-General Amin Awad in a statement on Sunday called the attack “Another sharp reminder of the cruelty of this war”. “Civil and civilian infrastructure must actually be spared in wartime; these obligations under international humanitarian law are not negotiable “said Awad. “The sooner we seek a peaceful end to the war, the better it is for the people here in Ukraine and around the world,” It confirmed.

The controversial data on the victims of the air strike

Initial reports indicated that about 30 people had managed to escape or were not involved in the explosion, but that up to 60 may have been caught in deadly situations. If the death toll is as high as local officials fear, it could be one of the deadliest attacks since the Russian Federation renewed its military operations in eastern Ukraine less than a month ago. Upon examination of the data actually available, it appears that the aforementioned village is inhabited by families of pensioners and populated by children and young people visiting their loved ones on the weekends.

The data is controversial and is based on blank statements acquired by a CNN reporter in the area: there is a lack of official communication, photos and search campaigns for the missing, including certainly teachers and students engaged in the school for recoveries, projects or other activities.

Recent news mentions that the fire was thankfully extinguished and that the recovery of the victims’ bodies and the recovery of the survivors trapped alive in the rubble from the affected school is underway.

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