the new Redi school in Bagno a Ripoli

The final project for the expansion and rebuilding of the high school has been approved by the council

A new auditorium up to two hundred seats to host initiatives, concerts and gatherings, nineteen new environments, including classrooms for students, rooms for teachers, study rooms and laboratories for integrative activitiesin addition to one music recording room open to alleven in the afternoon and a space-young people where girls and boys of all ages can meet.

The “Francesco Redi” high school is growing: the municipal council of Bagno a Ripoli approved the final project drawing the new face, with an impressive expansion and redevelopment project worth more than 6.5 million euros. One of the main pieces in a more comprehensive plan for school construction, where the municipality in total allocates over 15 million euros to all schools in the area, including new construction and upgrading of the existing one.

On the outside, three new sports courts, trees and green instead of concrete in the square and “green class” for outdoor teaching. A pedestrian path will connect the nearby library. All with one password: eco-sustainability, complete with solar panels on the roof for clean energy.

As for the “Redi” middle school in Ponte a Niccheri, the itinerary is progressing at a fast pace. The next step, in the coming weeks, is the preparation of the executing project, which will form the basis of the public tender to identify the executing company. Then start work at the beginning of the new year, that is the goal of the administration.

The project for the new “Redi” school involves the construction of a new building. It will have the shape of an “L” and will complete the architectural layout as a single building along with the existing one. It will rise on two floors in an area of ​​almost 2700 square meters, will develop around a central agora with trees and flower beds, a new crossroads and center of gravity for the life of the school community. Inside, each room will be functional in relation to the didactic activity, including corridors, no longer simple hallways, but fully experienced by students and equipped with tables and chairs, in accordance with the principles of the Manifesto of School Architecture developed by Indire on the basis of MIUR guidelines .

The new building will house the auditorium (with 100 seats for school activities, 200 for leisure activities) and 19 new rooms: 8 classrooms, 2 classrooms for supplementary activities (group places), 4 laboratories for special activities, 1 inclusion laboratory, 1 teacher’s room / school secretariat, 1 library / study room, 2 music laboratory classes, one of which is equipped with a recording room which becomes the youth room and “Medborgerhuset”, which is open to the community even after school.

Eco-sustainability will be the main figure in the new Redi school: in fact, the project was carried out on the basis of the LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The civil engineering equipment they supply is part of this framework installation of solar panels, the use of electric heat pumps for air treatment, rainwater recycling, LED lighting: energy saving is the beacon of design. The school will also be connected to the new system of cycle paths that will connect all the main villages in the area.

Outside, three new multifunctional outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball and five-a-side football will be created. In the forecourt, lawns and trees will replace concrete to create – with a subsequent lot – “green” outdoor spaces. Everything will be harmoniously connected to the nearby Municipal Library through wood-paneled walkways that will create a true “Citadel of Knowledge”, which will enhance the green area and the garden at the back of the Library, which is now underutilized.

Along the way, the municipality will have Cassa Depositi e Prestiti by its side, which as part of this innovative project will provide the administration with technical-administrative advice to support the interventions. And a collaboration will come from the Indire National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research, which has shared with the municipality the indications proposed by the “Spaces 1 + 4” manifesto for the creation of an innovative school, where each space is intended as a place of learning .

When the new construction is completed, the west wing will be rebuilt, where the management and administration offices will be located, where methods and timing are still under investigation by the administration.

In parallel with the expansion and redevelopment project of “Redi” worth 6.5 million, the municipal administration prepares an investment plan in school buildings, which will affect all municipal structures, to a total value of 15 million, with the aim of making them more spacious, functional, efficient, innovative and sustainable.

In addition to the new wing of “Redi”, scheduled for construction of three new schools: that primary “Enriques Agnoletti” by Padule, entirely in wood and nearing completion (inauguration scheduled for September with the start of the new school year); that new nursery 0-3 years and new kindergarten 3-6 years in front of the “Redi” school with the establishment, in the area, of a training and education center, which will include and integrate, in parallel with the school structures, also the municipal library and the sports facility “Pazzagli”.

For these last two interventions, the administration has sought tenders for school construction as part of the national restoration and resistance plan. Similarly in the case of the project for the Padules School’s new gymnasium, which is specially designed to be used by the disabled as well, and for the renovation and remodeling of the canteens and school kitchens in the “Michelet” primary schools in Antella and “Marconi” by Grassina. The planned interventions also include the redevelopment of the “Arabam” nursery in Osteria Nuova.

“The new ‘Redi’ comes alive with the largest investment in schools among those made so far – explains Mayor of Bagno and Ripoli Francesco Casini – An innovative, sustainable project, aware of the environment, for new models of teaching and design of spaces, the result of the school’s participation, awarded by the recognition of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Indire. It must meet the need for new places on the part of the constantly growing school and at the same time create a Citizens’ Center for all young people in the area. It is an area in the heart of the Ponte a Niccheri, dedicated to culture, education and training, connected to the library and soon integrated by the new 0-6 year old center, which will be built together with the kindergarten and the new kindergarten. A pact for the future of our society and with the new generations of which we are truly proud. “

“The new Redi school is the flagship of our municipality’s school building strategy – he declares Councilor for the School Francesco Pignotti – After completely renovating the east wing, we with this intervention deliver an innovative school for the boys and girls of today and the future. With an internal agora that becomes the new heart, new classrooms, laboratories and green areas, and above all an auditorium and music laboratories that are open in the afternoon. It will be the youth center that was lacking in Bagno a Ripoli, and which will mark a revolutionary turning point in youth participation for our territory “.

“As often happens, especially at a school like ‘Redi’, which is now an important reality in the area, welcoming not only the Ripolan users but also the neighboring municipalities, the building that houses it was no longer functional for innovative teaching. and with times – explains director of the comprehensive institute “Antonino Caponnetto” Maria Luisa Rainaldi – The municipality has listened to and accepted the school’s wishes and the places that will be created will be an expression of our educational offer, which will finally be compatible with school construction. We thank the administration for this, which has been foresighted, because investing in school buildings means having a long-term vision, and we are pleased with the dialogue that has been set up. Finally, in addition to the new environments for classrooms and laboratories, we also get the new auditorium, which will not only provide new opportunities for the sections of the school’s musical address, the only ones in southern Florence. But more generally for the whole community, of a school that is increasingly open to the community.

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