The last weapon we have left: block the ballot papers!

For years, some interventions from Onorevoli have attracted my attention and from those who pretend to be connoisseurs of the school.

Attention, as their statements, which also produced guidelines for the school’s reform process, have nothing to do with the world of training and skills and learning: “Phenomenon often associated with lack of knowledge about school problems, a hallmark of a particular political class that is too often not very willing to listen“(Hon. Pittoni 6/5/2022), but they simply declare a populism, yes, presumptuous: and yet another possible Bianchi reform, adopted without discussion in the legal trials, along with the statements of the Minister of Education, Hon. Florida, reaffirm how far and deep the daily reality is to make and be School, than the MONEY is the only measure of any political action, and that the ritual declarations that accompany them, often in line with the political thought they represent, really only require silence, at least in respect of social modesty.


On May 6, a strike was called to challenge and promote the attention of all the operators who are and constitute the school, with the question of whether the allies have been added or will follow one another at a later date. Either they are, as always, stoic declarers, whose rhetoric produces nothing but a distancing from the working class, which no longer feels represented, and which gradually strives for itself a modality of condemnation on the pulp, or simply continues resigned, but not defeated. , lets everything arrive, where everything always starts again: I still remember the assemblies and the noise that the Renzi reform produced, which led to the vote of confidence (given by a majority), with the subsequent declared conversion of some bodies in the Democratic Party. , for having supported with that vote and therefore made LAW for what we still today, as a Chernobyl, pay on the skin of us teachers and the whole school: Gelmini was not enough with everything it produced – for example they 40 hours of Laboratory minus the tuition with consequent reduction of staff, which is accompanied by a collection of some disciplines at a single address such as. The computer labs, despite In industry and management are binaries that accompany each other but do not cross each other …

Reaching our time with the Covid-19 pandemic, which in mobility operations follows the line of staffing only and only in the temporary employment phase, thus eliminating any possibility of transfers that are sometimes useful to those in need of personal reasons, often related to family needs or logistics – but that is another matter that is urgent nonetheless). I hope that once the emergency phase is overcome, everything now returns to the legitimate framework of the transfers by returning the removed ones.

High school, the 60 CFU, the money deducted from the Teacher Card, is an indisputable proof of how much everything is in fact a noise caused by moving a lot of money (perhaps to be distributed to universities that have to finance themselves), or to distribute once again to some “friend”) at the expense of a CONTRACT that has expired for three years, wages far from the European average and the inflation generated by a senseless war.

Sorry, they give us 200 euros as a bonus. Another act of awareness on the part of the government. While 15 billion for weapons are allocated with determination: and we are a peaceful country! And this month we are dedicated to Theotókos! How much coherence!

We are in May, and I would like to hear that, as in the days of the real syndicate, in the time of a lama, the struggle is still fierce, and in its democratic forms it shows its side of unit and of strength, the expression of which could be the blocking of the ballot papers (not yet a blunt weapon), together with other non-violent forms, capable of declaring not only the disappointment but the affirmation of a civilization and a culture that is still able to teach the high sense of civil and social ethics.

Losing this opportunity means losing and not a fight, but the future of the school, giving POWER the freedom to do with it what it likes best, and it’s a shame that our boys and girls are involved, with all security: uncertainty.

Mario Santoro

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