The “dream shirt” to accompany children to surgery

ANCONA – Entering the operating room is a very delicate moment, not only for the child but also for the parent. The wait outside the door, when the nurses bring their child’s pajamas back, is the moment when the feeling of ’emptiness’ comes to life and the fear takes over. This is how the association Cardiopathic Children Parent Committee started in 2019 the project “Il Camicino dei Sogni” with the aim of making the surgical procedure less traumatic for the child and its family. From today, the project has a further development, thanks to the introduction of new colored shirts, which will make the transition from awake to sleep and into the operating room more calm. “The project has been enriched thanks to the creation of new colored tailor-made shirts for our little patients, and to the introduction of innovative warm shirts for children over 6 years who are able to promote the psychophysical well-being of children entering. in the room operative “confirms the association’s chairman. A beat by Ali Valentina Felici. The shirts are designed in collaboration with the young stylist Beatrice Beffa, who is particularly attached to the department and has always been involved in playful activities dedicated to children”.

Maintaining normal body temperature during the perioperative period has important results, both physically and mentally. Heat has the power to develop a sense of well-being that makes the child feel protected and less uncomfortable. The warm shirts therefore turn into warm blankets that will warm him during the operation. «With the coordinator of the cardiac surgery department Dr. Chiara Gatti and the coordinator of the operating block Dr. Marco Fioretti – continues Valentina Felici – we have devised a way to facilitate the use of these shirts, the subsequent washing and return to the department. This additional step is part of the larger project dedicated to preparing children for surgery, which takes place with the reading of the fable “Lyana the Indian tiger”, written by Irene Camilletti, to her daughter Luna and continues with the procedure curated by our Dr. Pupozzi . We have also included, in the playful folder, a chapter dedicated to making the dreams that children would like come true while Dr. Marco Pozzi and his team “fix” their hearts ». The project was made possible thanks to the support of the Zannini company, which provided the donation to cover the initiative.

The association’s initiatives

The legendary folder
The playful activity through which the child becomes aware of his illness and the treatments necessary to deal with it. On the ward, a professional clown doctor, “Dottor Pupozzi”, assists Doctors and Nurses in explaining the disease and the treatments.

Osteopathy project
The first project in Italy to guarantee osteopathic treatments for postoperative children to patients.

Moving hearts
The project was created to encourage the onset or return to physical and sporting activity of heart patients both in pediatric age and in adolescence and adulthood.

Innovative project that, thanks to innovative micro-devices, enables you to constantly monitor and monitor the clinical progress of young patients.

Macro region project
Establishment of a transnational network for the early diagnosis and treatment of pediatric congenital heart disease in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro region.

Sudden deaths among athletes
Purchase a 3D echo sounder, a sophisticated technological jewel that allows you to improve the diagnostic accuracy of heart disease through three-dimensional ultrasound.

Lorenzo project
It is named after Lorenzo Bockholt, a young man suffering from congenital heart disease who died prematurely at the age of 22 in 2021. The project was created with the aim of improving the comfort of parents during their stay in the hospital.

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