The 5 BEST ELECTRIC CARS for NEW DRIVERS. COMPARISON 500 electric, ID.3, e208, Spring and Soul – Andrea Galeazzi

Up TECH DRIVE we will make many comparisons to help you make your choices. Let’s start with the best electric cars. Let’s compare the electric FIAT 500, Volkswagen ID.3, Peugeot e208, Dacia Spring and Kia eSoul. The great advantage of electric cars is that they have a registered homologation effect calculated on an average that does not take into account the peak power of the electric motors. The result is that electric cars for beginners are not as slow as the thermal versions, and you can choose even large cars that can be used as the only family car.

Volkswagen ID.3

The first one I want to talk about is ID.3, a Volkswagen car that we know well. Born electric, therefore with a tested and not adapted platform, available with 45, 58 and 88kWh battery, which gives ranges of 250, 320 or 420 kilometers respectively.

The length is 4.26 meters and the price starts at 34,850 euros but for a well-equipped version with a 58kWh battery. The trunk has a capacity of 385 liters. Here is his complete proof.

We will get to you immediately PRO:

  • Driving: it’s a Volkswagen and that means you’re sitting and it’s like you’ve driven it for a lifetime.
  • ADAS: they are perfectly calibrated, among the best on the market.
  • Turning radius: it is really small.
  • Space on board: very ample for the outer dimensions.


  • For touch: yes, all controls are touch sensitive and this sometimes becomes uncomfortable and can be distracting from driving.
  • Application: not very complete.
  • Software: it has been improved over time with updates and there is both Car Play and Android Auto wireless, but it is still woody and not very fluid.

Dacia Spring

Let’s move on to a completely different car, less powerful, with only 33kW, which would be very little for a thermal engine, but which here still benefits from the instantaneous torque from the electric. It is only 3.7 meters long, apart from the daylight LEDs, it has both front and rear halogen lights, and the battery is 27.4kWh. That means about 200 kilometers of autonomy. The price varies from 20,000 to 23,000 euros and we hope the incentives return. Here is his complete proof.

The maximum speed is 125 km / h and from 0 to 100 in 19 seconds.

What is yours PRO so?

  • It is the cheapest electric and still has a good autonomy.
  • Equipment: with the comfort + you have a 7 ″ navigator, reversing camera and sensors.
  • Space: 4 doors, 4 seats and 270 liters of luggage space.

Now let’s move on to AGAINST:

  • It is very light, under 1,000 kg and you feel that the stability is not very high at speed, however, the comfort on the cobblestones and holes in the city is good.
  • Interior finishes and materials: you can see and feel that they are devoted to economy.

Peugeot e-208

It immediately stands out for its aggressive aesthetics and scratchy design. The engine is obviously electric, front and has 100kW of power powered by a 50kWh battery. The autonomy is about 300 km and there is fast charging at 100 kW. The trunk has a capacity of 265 liters and the price ranges from 33,800 euros to 40,000 euros. Here is his complete proof.

Let’s start again come again PRO:

  • Design: aggressive and enriched with full LED headlights.
  • ADAS: very complete and enables level 2 autonomous driving,
  • Virtual cockpit: beautiful to look at, but also functional and full of information
  • Very direct driving and steering wheel.


  • Space: Being designed to accommodate heat engines does not make it as spacious inside as exclusively electric cars.
  • Charging: We do not like that 11kW AC charging is optional (although it only costs 300 euros).
  • Infotainment: Works well, but is a bit confusing and intuitive.

KIA e-Soul

Its length is 4.2 meters and has a lot of inner habitability. The design is divided, it is very original and therefore you like it or not, I like it. The motor is at 150kW and recharging takes place at 11kW in AC or 77kW in DC. The trunk has a capacity of 315 liters which, when the seats are folded down, becomes 1340, not bad.

The battery version of 39 kWh starts at 34,000 euros, while it requires at least 39,950 euros to get more autonomy. Here is his complete proof.

THAT PRO of e-Soul are:

  • Efficiency: it is quite large, not very aerodynamic, but consumes very little. By walking slowly, I even managed to reach 9-10kWh / 100km. On the 110 km / h motorway, however, it remains at 13.
  • Space: it can be driven by a beginner, but it can also be a car for the whole family.

His against instead:

  • Design: as we said at the beginning, it is functional considering the spaces it creates but does not like it.
  • Interior: it needs to be updated.
  • Reload: the recharging connection is on the front mask and on the highway with midges it can get very dirty.

Fiat 500 Electric

For me, it’s a beautiful reinterpretation of the past 500. Really beautiful and well done. Its length is 3.6 meters, the drive is front and the engine is 85kW with 42kWh battery and 11kW AC charging. The luggage compartment capacity goes from 185 liters to 550 with the seats folded down. Here is his complete proof.

His PRO:

  • Design: it’s always a subjective theme, but for us it’s really beautiful both inside and out.
  • Driving: easy to handle, stable, with nice set-up and therefore comfortable to drive.
  • ADAS: they are well calibrated and it is practically the only electric one along with Tesla that has the right One Pedal guide.
  • Italian: it is designed and built here in Italy, and given the results it is a great pride!

She also has hers AGAINST:

  • Autonomy: it is not possible to drive more than 200 kilometers.
  • Space: with only driver and passengers it is no problem, but when you become four afterwards you are a little cramped and even the trunk is small.
  • Prices: 27,300 euros for the version with a smaller battery and 32,500 euros for the 42kWh are a bit high. With the convertible you get to 40,000 euros.

That conclusions is that despite the fact that electric cars cost more and more than their respective thermal versions, the performance with the same declared kW is much more interesting. So while a thermal for beginners to the family limits the electric instead, it can also easily become the family’s main car. There will be a video with the best thermal or hybrid cars for beginners.

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