Thanks to MamHabitat, mothers and children in difficulty are no longer alone

MamHabitat is a project selected by With the kids, as part of the National Fund for Combating Youth Education Poverty. The main purpose of the project is to accompany “mother-child” nuclei in difficulty on their path to inclusion in the community, after completing the path in the nursing home, community and other community services. Suffice it to say that in Rome alone, there are over 300 “mother-child” centers that are welcomed on these paths every year.

MamHabitat started a year ago and ever since it has already welcomed 53 mothers and 72 minors. Among them are there Khadija, who came from Morocco with her two girls. Now he lives in Centocelle on the Roman outskirts. Without work, he lives in a state of economic and social distress from which he wants to free himself. In his research, he also participated in one of the presentation meetings of the MamHabitat project. Here she came in contact with the operators and the operators. He therefore chose to approach them for support. Initially to arrange the documents and subsequently for information and job start-up. This series of meetings gave rise to the opportunity to complete an educational internship at one of the project’s partner organizations.

They were also awarded 10 seats for “mother-child” units, thanks to service of Housing, which allows for the sharing of free apartments for a maximum period of 12 months. Instead, I am 22the kernels that benefit fromAssistance care. A service that, in addition to educational support for the little ones, provides the operator’s home presence, which accompanies and supports the mother in expressing her parenting skills.

The strength of the MamHabitat project is access to Microcredit to take advantage of MamHabitat Guarantee Fund. This is the first fund dedicated exclusively to single mothers, created by the organizations promoting the project of the same name, in collaboration with the National Institute for Microcredit and with BCC Rome. From May 2020 to today, 3 admissions have been completed and 2 are being evaluated.

The fund provides very soft loans. That annual rate is 1.5% at no additional cost. L ‘maximum amount is 5 thousand euros, for the purpose of training, for the purchase of funds necessary for the performance of one’s work, for the provision of collateral or for the settlement of outstanding debts. It is intended for single mothers with minor children who are suffering from special economic or social vulnerabilities and who live in the territory of Rome. No security is required. The assessments are made on subjective parameters, based on the situation of each person submitting the request. That return plan is specially built, based on the financial capacity of mothers. An outstretched hand representing a concrete opportunity for fragile women to take a leap toward greater autonomy.

the purpose of Social microcredit MamHabitat is to support mothers in all the expenses that are useful for the development of work skills and growth in personal and family income. And to be an effective resource for the most needy mothers, a way to do so has been identified in the last month also available to those who have a fictitious home, recognized in Rome for those who do not have a home and live in extreme precarious situations, in order to enable these people to benefit from the rights associated with having a residence: the issuance of personal certificates, access to demographic services, registration in the electoral roll, access to the basic social and health assistance services offered by the state and, for foreigners, renewal of the residence permit. This is a very important achievement for mothers living with their children in this very precarious state. Because until now, they were considered non-bankable items. This is MamHabitat’s gift for Mother’s Day. A concrete act of support, a concrete opportunity to improve the condition of oneself and one’s children.

The leader of the project is the social cooperative La Nuova Arca Onlus, which coordinates a partnership established by the foundation Caritas in Rome through the social cooperative Cooperativa Roma Solidarity, by the social cooperative l’Accoglienza Onlus, by Associazione Romana Pro Juventute Tetto Onlus, by Association Casa della Mamma Onlus, Social Research Institute, Hendo Srls and SuLLeali Comunicazione Responsabile kooperativet. Famiglia Cristiana is a media partner.

Report by Carmen Baffi and Francesca Guinand
Thanks to Michela Mazzali, communications coordinator for the MamHabitat project

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