Somma Vesuviana Campania’s Capital of Culture – Naples Village

SOMMA VESUVIANA – “Castello D’Alagno will be the seat of the Foundation, which will enhance the cultural heritage of our territory and the Archaeological Museum. During these hours, Somma Vesuviana has hosted many cultural and important events. Today the exhibition of two major Italian masterpieces from ‘500 and ‘600: San Michele Arcangelo by Marco Pino da Siena from the mid-16th century, a work in oil on wood, a disciple by Caravaggio and a Sant’Agata by Francesco Guarini from 1638 by De Chiara The Maio Foundation, two major masterpieces on display in the oldest church, the Collegiata, which has works of great significance from the 17th century, by artists of great importance such as Pacecco De Rosa, Borgo del Casamale is to be a laboratory for creativity and culture Today, Somma Vesuviana was the scene of the “Hidden Treasures” event with the arrival of the students of the “Caravaggio” School of Art in San Gennaro Vesuviano, who painted their works in the side chapels of the same Collegiate during the conference. conference where the art critic, Vincenzo De Luca, narrated and described the two works mentioned above. Last night there was also a beautiful atmosphere at the Franciscan Cloister of the Monumental Complex in Santa Maria del Pozzo, with an extraordinary rendition of the great actor Mariano Rigillo. Then the magical Night of the Licei Classici with the direct participation of Liceo “Evangelista Torricelli” masterfully directed by the director Anna Giugliano. An evening that brought together all the classic disciplines: dance, mythology, acting. We listened to Dante, so masterpieces, heard the teachers of Federico II, really a great feeling! These are events that this administration has strongly wanted! “, Said Salvatore Di Sarno, Mayor of Somma Vesuviana in the Neapolitan area.

“Masterpieces from ‘500 and ‘600 exhibited today in Somma Vesuviana. It was a great event, unprecedented in the history of this country. Two great works that” dialogueed “with another great work: Madonna with the Child by Pacecco De Rosa – was given by Rosalinda Perna, cultural councilor in the municipality of Somma Vesuviana – which belongs to the oldest church in Somma Vesuviana: Collegiate Church “. The important announcement was made by Rosalinda Perna, cultural councilor in the municipality of Somma Vesuviana in the Neapolitan area.

“Art is the highest point of culture. Having chosen two paintings Marco Pino da Siena and Francesco Guarini is like having reclaimed all the Neapolitan culture. Art is always reminiscent of other paths and also creates incentives for economic development. Somma Vesuviana main character in “The Hidden Treasures of Campania” – said Vincenzo De Luca, art critic, professor of art history at the “Caravaggio” Lyceum, responsible and coordinator of “The Hidden Treasures of Campania” for the institute itself – aimed at knowledge and improvement of the area historical-cultural heritage. Thanks to the willingness of Mayor Salvatore Di Sarnos and Culture Councilor Rosalinda Pernas to work with educational institutions. These are two masterpieces that summarize the entire Neapolitan culture, also arrived at Caravaggio ”.

And the atmosphere was characterized by great creativity. While the description was going on by the art critic, Vincenzo De Luca, the boys, the students of the art school “Caravaggio” in San Gennaro Vesuviano, painted their works in the church of one of the oldest churches in Campania: the Collegiate Church of Somma Vesuviana, in Borgo del Casamale.

Two bridesmaids in period costumes then followed the walkers to the castle of Lucrezia D’Alagno, not far from the church, and told the story along the alleys!

Great success for Notte dei Licei Classici in Somma Vesuviana.

Large attendance at the Liceo Classico “Evangelista Torricelli” in Somma Vesuviana, which continues to record successes and international recognition.

“A living school – said Anna Giugliano, director of” Evangelista Torricelli “Liceo Scientifico e Classico – with high-quality training activities. We evoked classical culture through reflections with Federico II teachers and the various artistic forms. But we did it in a modern form that combines classic and modernity, and also hosted a preview of San Michele Arcangelo’s works by Marco Pino da Siena from the mid-16th century, a work in oil on wood, a disciple by Caravaggio and a Sant ‘ Agata by Francesco Guarini from 1638. Torricelli’s classical address brings the two souls together: classical and modern ”.

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