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ScreenLine is the sun protection (Venetian, pleated or blind) integrated in the insulating glass, which allows you to control both light incidence and heat transmission, which reduces unwanted solar windings in the warmest months and increases them in the winter months.

The goal is thermal and visual comfort in each season, combined with limiting the cost of cooling, heating and lighting with the important consequence of reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Unique references animate the history of foreclosure

Tancredo Neves administrative city in Belo Horizonte

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated in early March 2010, the seat represents the executive branch of the state Minas Gerais the building with the highest number of double-glazed windows in the world: over 22,000 have been installed.

With a strong monumental character, the complex consists of five buildings, for a total of 265,000 m2 of built-up area. The two largest volumes, called Minas and Gerais, centralize all state government offices and are spread over 14 floors above ground, each approx. 7,000 m2, in addition to the underground levels. The facades of both consist of structural panes with dark glass (explicitly requested by the architect to contrast with the white concrete of the structures) and ScreenLine double glazed blinds that regulate the entrance of natural light and heat.

Government leaders are housed in the suspended building dedicated to the national hero Tiradentes; next door is the Juscelino Kubitschek auditorium, connected to the first building both on the surface and by an underground tunnel.

ScreenLine: the distinctive features

ScreenLine is the blind integrated in the glassa patented sun protection system consisting of Blinds inserted in 2 or 3 glass plates with overlapping blades.

The blind can be moved manually or by means of motorized systems, thus controlling the orientation and lifting of the blind and regulating the amount of incoming light, the outward view and the desired level of privacy. The adjustable orientation of the blind allows evenly to disperse the natural light coming from outside and avoids direct glare phenomena.

The light radiation is scattered efficiently: directed towards the ceiling, it transforms it into a real natural light chandelier (thanks tolight-shelf effect) which spreads the light evenly, improves home comfort and reduces the use of artificial lighting.

Moreover, the high-performance V95 lamella, developed in collaboration with leading European research institutes for nanotechnology, makes it possible to obtain important benefits: the reduction of the solar factor value (g), the reduction of the thermal transmittance value (Ug), the reduction of the glass transition temperature and the absence of dew at any temperature. V95 blind with slat allows ScreenLine to achieve an energy performance comparable to outdoor screens and places itself in the highest quality required by the EN 14501 standard.

The performance of ScreenLine blinds is enhanced by the combination with motorized systems equipped with internal brushless motor used for both commercial and private purposesthanks to a technological development that also involved software, actuators and controllers to achieve the highest level of integration and precision.

ScreenLine blinds with internal brushless motor can be controlled with buttons, remote control, smartphone, voice assistants and home automation systems, depending on the user’s wishes for automation. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a third wire dedicated to data transmission, the motor allows to send position feedback to the connected control units, an essential element for home automation control of solar shading.

The seat of the Politecnico di Milano

In June 1993 in Milan, via Rossellini 4, at the Lega Calcio Serie A headquarters, Pellini installed 237 ScreenLine SL32M tents.

Dedicated to housing

The design of increasingly sophisticated systems and their use in complex buildings has made it possible to provide private individuals with a reliable and innovative solution that overcomes the main limitations of traditional fencing.

The Codogno-based company responded to the growing proliferation of ScreenLine systems in homes worldwide with the establishment of Pellini CZ, a new production center in the Czech Republic, and with the launch of solutions dedicated to residential contexts, such as the motorized series of rechargeable battery.

That W Smart systemIn particular, it has brought Pellini’s experience from large construction sites into a residential dimension where the need for automation is strongly felt, allowing private users to choose motorized solar shading for their home without the need to remodel the electrical system, an ideal solution in cases of renovation or replacement of windows.

Looking to the future

With an open innovation approach, Pellini has always partnered with vendors, research centers and universities to develop solutions that respond to the increasingly complex challenges posed by design studies, offering know-how on interdisciplinary skills that affect physics. , mechanics. , meteorology, aerospace and nanotechnology, making it possible to create increasingly innovative, efficient, comfortable and sustainable buildings.

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Pellini, the mission

A pioneer in the design and construction of solar shading that reflects solar radiation, responsible for overheating and glare, and exploits the benefits of natural light on the energy efficiency of buildings and on the individual’s psychophysical well-being, Pellini boasts a history spanning nearly 50 years and extraordinary references.

The company’s core business is represented by the design and production of screens integrated in the ScreenLine insulation glass, which is flanked by the Curtains and Systems division, which produces high-performance technical curtains. The latest addition is the Pellini Nautica division, dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions for sun protection inside prestigious boats.

In particular, the Curtains and Systems division is at the heart of a consolidation process that began two years ago to develop the commercial team and improve support for architects and designers thanks to new tools and the expertise of Technical Advisor in daily contact with facade design and engineering studies .

Experience Pellini technical curtains
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