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Culture San Severino Marche

San Severino, art, culture and more: Museum Night is back

Guided tours, concerts, exhibitions, openings, reading marathons, dance performances, conferences and debates, restoration workshops. After the long break imposed by Covid, Museumsaften returns this year. The city of San Severino Marche and Pro Loco have set a rich calendar of events for Saturday, May 14, on the occasion of the anticipated cultural event that will take place simultaneously across Europe.

The event, from afternoon to late evening, will see the main city collections open and many places normally closed. Only the Archaeological Museum will not be open to the public due to the restoration work. The shops in the center are also open. The doors open from kl. 20.00 to 02.00 on “P. Tacchi Venturi” where you can also participate in a live workshop by the restaurateur Giacomo Maranesi which was recently restored “Madonna of Humility”, The masterpiece of the Fabriano painter Allegretto Nuzi, dated 1366, among the many works preserved in the picture gallery together with Pinturicchio’s masterpiece “Madonna della Pace” and the brothers’ Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni, by Vittore Crivelli, by Alunno, by Allegretto Nuzi, Lorenzo d’Alessandro, Paolo Veneziano and Bernardino di Mariottojust to name a few.

The Septempeda archeological site is also unusually open, with on-site visits by the guide Paola Pistoni and the Borgo Conce Museums with guided tours by Alberto Vignati. Guided visits to the shrine in The Madonna of the Lights. The trip can also be accompanied by a free shuttle bus service with departures from kl. 20.00 from San Domenico to Madonna dei Lumi and to the archeological site and return.

Guided tours and special openings also to the church San Rocco. At the Palazzo della Ragione Sommaria, on the square Del Popolo, you can visit the collective art “Contemporary … Mind”. The works of Giulio Sfrappini, Shura Oyarce Yuzzelli and Maria Ersilia Antonini are exhibited between color, character and material. The Church of Misericordia, on the other hand, houses the personal exhibition of the Settempedano painter Leonardo Cornelis. In the headquarters of the Palio dei Castelli exhibition of historical costumes “The medieval studio” with guided tours. At the Palazzo Servanzi Confidati it will be possible to visit the double exhibition “Memories of a Land” with the Territory Museum, on the ground floor of the historic building, and the War Museum, on the main floor.

In the municipal library “Francesco Antolisei”, at 5 p.m., inauguration of the new literary cafe with words and live music: “How is it, how is the story?” with the pianist’s extraordinary participation Luca Verdicchio. Always the municipal library, but at 21, hosting a Marathon a reading. The activities are promoted and organized in collaboration with the Parish Bridge Association.

At 9 pm, the Feronia Theater will host the newborn association’s debut event Virgilio Puccitelli which proposes the concert “Reversed Theater” with the audience and the musicians all on stage. The theater’s portico, on the other hand, houses the exhibition “Life, Nature and Artistic Forms of a Global Citizenship” by the kindergartens at the extensive “Tacchi Venturi” institute. Also at 21 at San Giovanni Church exchanges and debates the importance of reading “The Treasure Chest of Joy” with Professor Giammario Borri.

In the convent of San Domenico, the boys from the “Eustachio Divini” re-read the State Technical Technological Institute, Graphics section, Montale, coordinated by Professor Stefano Ciocchetti, thanks to an initiative created in collaboration with the Bellabarba Historical Archive and dedicated to “Xenia”. 21.30, always in the convent of San Domenico, also the choir singing concert conducted by Maestro Luciano Feligiani with pianist Luca Verdicchio of Uteam, University of the Third Age of Upper Macerata.

Kl. 21.15 in the Salimbeni crypt, in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Doliolo, Musical Moments by Feronia Academy. 22.00, in Palazzo Servanzi Confidati, performance of Asd Studio Danza 91 by Alessandra Granata. In the church of San Domenico at 22.00 concert by Tourdion Ensemble by “F. Adriani”, directed by Maestro Simone Montecchia, and Agape Choir of Montecosaro, directed by Maestro Daniele Mazzocchi.

During the demonstration, the city’s stores will remain open. The business owners then announced that the shops after Museernes Nat will be open throughout the month of June on Thursday evening. In addition to the Municipality and Pro Loco, the organization of the initiative also involves Ma.Ma. Marca Maceratese, the municipal civil protection group, the organization San Severino Musei and the company Contram For info Pro Loco Iat i piazza Del Popolo n. 43 tel. 0733638414.

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