Salone del Mobile 2022, Molteni presents the news of the great Made in Italy design

Molteni & C, one of the symbolic companies in the great Made in Italy industrial design, presents the collection designed by Davide Bonicelli at Salone. But also much more

Molteni & C is part of the first large group of entrepreneurs from Brianza, Veneto, Marche, Emilia, who from the 50s, with Triennali, the first editions of Salone del Mobile and the launch of Compasso d’oro, have contributed to profound changes the way to live and inhabit the house. Also lays the foundation for the success of Italian design. With a difference compared to other sectors: that the housing boom was not only economic, but also and above all cultural. As history in the following decades has shown, Molteni immediately revealed that he has a strategic vision for design and the central role of furniture. In 1961, through its founder, Angelo Molteniin fact, he participated in the creative committee for Furniture fair in Milan. And in 1975 it made its entry into the contract world, of which it is today the leader, and in 2018 it opened in New York, at 160 Madison avenuethe first Molteni Group lifestyle store that brings together all the brands that gravitate in its orbit under one roof.

Molteni, a worldwide story and a brand

The current success has its fundamental basis in the decided choice to innovate the company and bring it up to date with the roaring times of the financial blessing. From the beginning, instead of repeating consolidated stylistic features from other countries and centuries, Molteni & C from Giussano in Brianza has worked with the young architects baked by Milano Polytechnic to renew the Italian taste, home and office. And today Molteni & C (is a part of Molteni Group, turnover over 390 million euros) is a world-renowned brand also in the contract sector, its furniture is in homes, hotels, apartments, headquarters of prestigious institutions (his reconstruction of La Fenice in Venice under the guidance of Aldo Rossi) and many collections are so current that an intervention to adapt sociocultural changes, such as smart work, to become disruptive news.

At the Salone del Mobile Molteni with Davide Bonicelli

Password developmentdesigned by Davide Bonicelli, (present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, June 7-12, all sold out) proves it: it is a set of lines and lights of elegance and simplicity that play in renewal on the great strength of industrial design Italian: the detail, the finish, the feeling of full and empty space …. Here the bases on the ground or on the bottom are equipped with a glass plate stopsol in the upper part to become showcases. And an LED lighting system runs through and emphasizes both the lower and upper perimeter to define a very refined exchange of light and shadows. The hanging system is equipped with shelves with double-height backs to accommodate large objects. But without ever changing the horizontal momentum, which is its peculiar feature. And all system components can serve for multimedia entertainment and telecommuting tools. Many other details have been introduced, but the classic cedar interior is always special with its distinctive scent, flanked by a new Batik melamine finish.

Finally, it must be remembered that other companies are also part of the Molteni Group, e.g. Armani Dadaof which a magnificent novelty designed by Giorgio Armani, Midnight, cocktail cabinet with rods of precious woods that allow a glimpse of the illuminated interior, equipped for large toasts and parties.

Over the decades, the Molteni group has continued and expanded with great commitment the cultural path that had characterized it from the very beginning. So on the occasion of Salone del Mobile, one of the planned exhibitions is dedicated to Aldo Rossi (Aldo Rossi. Design 1960-1997 at the Museo del Novecento – Milan) which had a long and successful collaboration with the Molteni group, whose start was at the opening of the Salone del Mobile in 1980, an instant echo of a work of unusual originality : a kind of beach hut, called Elbe’s cabin which in fact would like to be and is a wardrobe that the architect Aldo Rossi had wanted as a “sign” and a sign of an inexhaustible ironic / creative vein.

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