Risks in mountain houses, how do you protect yourself?

TRENTO. Mountain houses are the elixir of life, the ideal place to spend a few weeks, but also the birthplace of those who love high altitude and would never dream of walking down the hill or by the sea. Despite the efficient and undoubted quality of mountain life, it is important to know that there are also risks that one must face or at least be aware of.

These concern both the safety of one’s home and our health and the health of the people who live with us. Therefore, a mountain house should always be protected by a special home insurance, an interesting, flexible and versatile policy that can cover many unpleasant incidents. Let’s see which are the most common ones for which it pays to take out special home insurance, such as Real Mutua insurance solutions.

Risks for mountain homes. Among the biggest risks affecting a mountain home are those resulting from natural disasters. These include avalanches, avalanches, bad weather and landslides that can cause significant damage to buildings and people. Weather reports, slope assessments and other precautions can certainly prove useful in maintaining our safety. The same applies to modern building and town planning regulations, which are able to reduce this type of risk through innovative techniques.

But even the most cautious building prevention plan does not protect a mountain home from the risks associated with natural disasters. In this case, home insurance is the ideal solution to protect the property and reduce the impact that certain accidents can cause on people’s lives. In addition, policies for the house that protect it from natural disasters have been encouraged by the government with the option to deduct the cost by 19% on the tax return.

Risks to the person. Mountain homes are just as exposed to risks as the people who live there. Therefore, among the various home insurance coverages, it will be worthwhile to assess those that protect people from various accidents such as animal bites, natural disasters and other types of accidents that are directly related to the degree of risk.

Risks to the person can be protected both with home insurance and with other types of guarantees that must be combined with basic insurance. This is an extra cover which is worth considering especially for sleeping peacefully if you have children or if the property can cause harm to other people outside the family.

How to move on? To evaluate the quotes of the various companies, simply request a quote. At the time of the request and without any obligation, the companies will ask a series of questions aimed at understanding the level of risk and the most similar insurance products based on the level of protection for which the customer has expressed interest. The suggestions that consumers can count on today are many, so we suggest that you act without haste and assess not only the cost but also the value of the ceilings, the presence of any deductibles and the guarantees offered within housing policy. Our advice is to assess specific roofing for the house also based on its location and the occurrence of natural phenomena that can damage it.

We remind you that theft and fire insurance as well as other coverages always have limits and special requirements for the reimbursement request, so before you take out a home insurance policy, it is good to understand its function in detail.

All this information is always reported on the contractual proposal that reliable insurance companies share in a regime of maximum transparency with the consumer. Finally, if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask, because the first important value to consider is the clarity of the insurance product we intend to use.

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