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Solidarity, desire to break down distances, declaration of friendship, integration project: there are many values ​​added to the publication of this illustrated register, which the publisher The beaver just brought to Italy. The guardian of the forest by Oleksij Cherepanov (10 euros) is not just a delicate adventure that takes young readers to the heart of a forest to perceive the magic and beauty of nature. It is a book in an Italian-Ukrainian bilingual edition that, like a bridge, tries to unite Italian and Ukrainian children – in our country these days there are so many – in their respective languages ​​through a story to be read together.

Finally, a project created by friendship with the Ukrainian publisher Ranok, from Kharkiv, which over the years has translated many important books from the Il Castoro catalog into its country. From Kharkiv, a city that has been destroyed by Russian bombings, is also the author and illustrator Oleksiy Cherepanov, who with his watercolor and pencil technique tells of a child walking in the woods for the purpose of painting. Observation and suggestions are one. In the boundless space, the protagonist captures the beauty of the animals, the secrets of the trees and even the spirits that are only visible to the eyes of the imagination. A moment of happiness to take with you by returning to the normality of the house. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Refugees Welcome Italia, to support their precious work in welcoming refugees into families. From 4 years.

The Leporello format, ie accordion, is perfect for this story, which offers a walk in the neighborhood of a city on the trail of a curious and surprising message. The banknote (Kalandraka; 15 euros) is a scenographic book that must be flipped through and undressed slowly and then unfolded completely into the almost two meter long, to fully enjoy Daniel Montero Galá’s illustrations. Brilliant to give shape to a world teeming with detail and capable of amplifying the text of Pilar Serrano Burgos.

A ticket (the contents will obviously be discovered on the last page) goes from hand to hand among the people of the neighborhood, tucked in a backpack, in a pocket, in the basket of a bicycle, hung in a lamppost or left on the coffee table or on the bench at the bus stop . No one keeps it to themselves, no one throws it. The message crosses the houses, enters and leaves the school, from the pediatrician’s operation, arrives at the gardens and at the bar, where people indulge in a healthy relaxation. All according to a circular journey in the neighborhood that seems to have no end, because when you reach the last page, just turn the leporello and the story continues. Not only that: when you unfold it completely, you get to know the many main characters and their stories directly. Many pieces of a single story. From 3 years

Clic and Cloc, are inseparable friends since birth, who came into the world on the same branch, though in different nests, on the same day. Clic is a large, thick bird with a long long beak, Cloc is a tiny bird: the two always play and have fun together; their is a granite and exclusive friendship, to the point that you never see Clic without Cloc or Cloc without Clic.

So bad story when Cloc one day disappears without telling anything about himself. One can imagine the friend’s shock and despair, his broken heart, his unbearable loneliness. Jealousy is quickly added to Clic’s grief, because after searching in vain and everywhere, his friend finds him happily engaged in having fun with other friends. How to digest such an insult? The clic crisis is total but also healthy because it is the beginning of an awareness of one’s identity and singularity. With Click and Cloc (Nomos editions; 15 euros) Estelle Billon-Spagnol shows the little ones the inevitable reality of jealousy, but at the same time the beauty of a friendship that opens up and is enriched by many other relationships. The friendship that is strengthened in freedom and in the ability of each to cultivate different interests and friends. From 3 years.

A small black panther peeks out of the forest foliage. As befits a puppy to discover the world, here she puts all her senses into play.

We see her through Chiara Raineri’s tender but essential illustrations in this album, Small panther (Camelozampa; 16 euros), smell the scent of flowers, taste the sweetness of a fruit, listen to the liveliness of nature, discover the darkness of night and then realize a large, quiet and strong presence. An attraction that brings together all these qualities: soft, sweet, fragrant, black … From 2 years old

The octopus, a sea dancer, on the saxophone, the snake with a didgeridoo made of an Australian eucalyptus branch, the butterfly elegantly hovering on a cello strings, the lion striking proudly on the African drum, the crab on the accordion, the mice at the piano: these are just some of the big band gathered by the gull for the big music festival. A concert that resonates between the sides Zoo festa book by Vincenzo Stera with the unmistakable illustrations by Fabio Magnasciutti for the publisher Curci (14 euros).

A parade of passionate musicians who, through instruments, sounds and colors, represent voices from all over the world, a simple and melodic story to accompany the little ones to discover music and instruments and its ability to unite different souls from the most distant lands. On the last page, by framing the QR code, you can access the online playlist and listen to music by Daniele Dibiaggio and Vincenzo Stera. From 3 years

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