Nordic style: low-cost or modern interior design

LBrightness, wood, bright colors in the palette of white, gray to the maximum and defined shades subduedthe pastel dust so much “instagrammable”. The Nordic style is one of the most beloved and recurring, but not always easy to copy. Clara Bona, architect and interior designer, founder of Studio98 in Milan, and Federica Capelli, color designer from Atypique Design Studio, talk about properties, including furnishings and the right shades, to keep in mind for a home in perfect Scandinavian style.

The Nordic style, between design and minimal furniture

“This style is characterized by some recurring elements that make it particularly suitable for both town and holiday homes. Timeless, in recent years it is particularly sought after because it adds a touch of refined and unaffected charm to the interior, he explains. Clara Bona, architect and interior designer, founder of Studio98 in Milan.

Nordic style in the kitchen

A Nordic-inspired project by Clara Bona (Credit: Giulio Oriani and Beatrice Vergani)

Always loved, even more so in recent years, is the Nordic style based on birch wood, lots of green and base colors. But there are many “absences”: there are no bright, bright and bright colors, custom or antique furniture or overly fitted walls for otherwise they would be heavy: “If I were to sum up in three words what characterizes an interior with a northern European taste, I would say lightness, design and style,” explains the architect.

The basic details of the furniture? Candles and design elements

Two basic details in a Nordic home, the soft atmosphere of candles throughout the year “Lighting plays a fundamental role: In addition to candles, historic lamps by great Nordic designers, from Jacobsen to Poulsen, are also perfect”, and design which includes not only the bright details but also the furniture. The important thing is to have only one iconic piece, a chaise longue or armchairs signed by Scandinavian designers to combine with simple and linear furniture. “If the predominant color of the walls is white, the furniture often has touches of black and gray and lots of light wood»Closes Clara Bona.

The colors in the Nordic style

To repeat her in terms of color, it is Federica Capelli, color designer and one of the founders of Atypique Studio:White, lots of white, light wood and light gray are the hallmarks of the palette in a home in Nordic style. The concept behind this style is quite simple: basic white (or small overlaps of gray), because these are countries that they enjoy a little natural light most of the year and as a result very large windows and screens that are able to get the light out as much as possible who comes in “.

From blue to forest green to earth colors

But it’s not just a matter of the right palette. In Scandinavian style, which as Federica Capelli specifies “If we want to elaborate, the necessary distinctions should be made, there are certainly differences between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, although we Mediterranean people tend to put it all together, even if this is not the case. “, in addition to the lighter shades, there are also bold shades’ which draw inspiration from the colors of nature which are very present in these regions: blue, forest green, rust, amber, terracotta »explains the expert. Glimpses of color that may be in the details, including armchairs, paintings and pillows.

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One aspect that should not be underestimated in the absence, or almost, of color is that “When you ‘take away’ a lot on a chromatic level, the focus is entirely on design and materials. While in a colorful and eclectic style there may also be the recycled piece that is a bit “ramshackle”, the furniture that is not really made of wood, and cluttered goes unnoticed when working on the essentials, the concept is “few but good” »concludes Federica Capelli.


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