Monster 2019, all there is to see at the Milan Graphic Festival

It is the third edition of Monster – graphic design campthe festival dedicated to graphic art and visual communication, staged in three rooms in the middle of Milano. The appointment that acts as a hat to this and numerous other initiatives is that of Brera Design Daysautumn days dedicated to the culture of the project, where seven days are exclusively dedicated to conversations and dissemination moments, “a laboratory where one can trace the lines of the present to predict the possible directions of the future”.

Meme Gallery, Stamp Exhibition, design by Pavel Fuksa

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TO Monster – graphic design camp 2019, curated by Marco Sammicheli, Maria A. Di Pierro and Marco W. Fagioli, designers of different generations and origins tell with their graphic language the bridges’ Europe, sharing and comparison, thanks to the culture (in this case visual) that runs towards common goals. Studio Okolo, Pavel Fuska, Mondadori Foundation, Salt & Pepper and others are the main characters in this edition, winding through the Formentini laboratory, the Meme gallery and the Czech center. The Czech Republic actually has the honor of being the host country Monster 2019after Turkey and France with Sarp Sözdinler and Agathe Singer in recent years.

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Unirsm Design, Political Monsters

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In addition, the work performed by students from the San Marino School of Design is significant at the Formentini Laboratory. UNIRSMcoordinated in a workshop by Lucia Roscini, who worked very closely on a topic of the most current, that of political communication, which gave rise to the exhibition – in fact – Political monsters. Based on literature’s most famous monsters, the boys have created imaginary political movements, equipped with their ideologies, brands and identities inspired by the Joker, Dracula or Maleficent, and eventually produced a complex work on the relationship between politics and beauty, between repulsive and fascinating, between ugly and magnetic. In addition to the provocative posters that capture the visitor with their images and slogans, it is also worth stopping by to browse the editorial products displayed on the two tables in the center of the project room. Midway between fanzines, artist books, reportages, and small manuals, these hardcover volumes are one of the freshest moments of the entire exhibition, marking new hybrids that anticipate some of the most varied scenarios for independent publishing.

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Salt & Pepper, Type design – Font Monk SPF Regular & Arabic & Display

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Below, Adam Štěch and Studio Oloko bring their own personal graphic reinterpretation of the curatorial texts produced in the years since Maria Cristina Diderowhile Salt & Pepper exhibits their vision, where design and technology blend with a human element and create experiences that expand the understanding of content.

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Mondadori Foundation, Urania n.402 – A.Clarke – The Sand on Mars

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In fact, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of it Mondadori Foundation, Marco W. Fagioli, art director for ZUP and co-founder of the festival, and Paul Robb, Irish graphic designer, owner of the Salt & Pepper studio, have selected some of the most important volumes published by the publisher. And which series is better to showcase the experimentation, not only literary but also visually, with the covers, if not Urania? On the market since 1952, the books that have given life to this collection over the years are milestones in contemporary imaginative, utopian, dystopian, dreamy and analytical thinking, with stories by authors such as Asimov, Dick and Clarke, just to name a few.

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Pavel Fuksa

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Pavel Fuska also used graphics to raise social issues. In the brutalist space of the 70s in the Czech center in via Morgagni, he presents his collection of football kits from a hypothetical World Cup played by existing countries in 1918. The jerseys imagined by the Republic of China or the German Empire are a light device. and at the same time full of meanings, to raise political issues which, after more than a century, still affect our lives today. Here, Fuska will hold a public conversation with Simona Calboli, director of the center, on Saturday 5 October at 18.00.

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Meme Gallery, Stamp Exhibition, design by Marco Goran Romano

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The Czech designer is also present with a work of illustration in the collective dedicated to the graphics of stamps held on Meme Gallery, a new space for design and applied art curated by Maria Di Pierro Losi. The exhibition shows a series of author stamps made in collaboration with the Philatelic Institute of San Marino by Milton Glaser, Andrea Rauch, Mauro Bubbico, Guido Scarabottolo, Olimpia Zagnoli, Marco Goran Romano, Riccardo Guasco and many others with different themes: from the 70th year of the birth of David Bowie by J. Barnbrook for the stamp for 2016 Fertility Day by Cristina Chiappini.

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Uniforms 1918 exhibition, design by Pavel Fuksa

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It’s close too program for conversations and daily appointments in Mostro 2019 starting with them with the festival guests as the main characters, in addition to Emily Smith and Benedetta Crippa from the Biennale di Fikra in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and Amanda Prada, head of the communications department in the city of Lugano.

The ideas in this issue of Monster – graphic design camp there are so many, and the only thing left is to catch them among the giant colored posters and the little leaves to be flipped in almost with gloves. In fact, as the curator said, “the festival showcases stories and events where creativity and research are concrete opportunities for collaboration, dialogue and work”. The only thing left is to grab them.

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