Microsoft and Capgemini together with Lifestyle Design on their digital journey to Cloud Manufacturing

Thanks to a state-of-the-art technological system that enables standardized processes, predictive and market scenario analysis to anticipate changes and listen to customer needs, the international group specializes in advanced furniture Lifestyle design will be able to revolutionize the paradigms of creativity, production and sales, and accelerate the integration of the 9 brands that make it up, Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, Cassina, Janus et Cie, Luminaire, Ceccotti, Character, Luxury Living Group and INTERNI.

Distance selling: how to turn the new normal into an extraordinary growth opportunity

The project “Aurora“Will involve 2,000 employees of the Lifestyle Design Group in different countries of the world over the next three years and aims to adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform which already includes components of CRM and will now integrate one modern management system thanks to the strategic support of the system integrator Capgemini.

By introducing a single system in the cloud in a scalable and secure way, Lifestyle Design will thus be able to shut down 20 servers around the world, which also reduces the environmental impact. The name “Aurora” was chosen by the staff with an internal survey to testify to the importance of involvement and of strengthening human capital since the beginning of this new phase for the group, which together with the digital transformation project has started a path of change management and will continue to invest in education.

“The market – he says Dario Rinero, CEO Lifestyle Design Group it is more and more dynamic and often unpredictable: In order to adapt quickly, it is important to be flexible thanks to technology and optimized processes that easily adapt to new scenarios. ‘Aurora’ is an epoch-making technological breakthrough in the group’s growth potential that will increase the enormous wealth of talent, vision and creativity already present in all our companies. “

Cloud Computing to infuse intelligence into processes and make brands more agile to the challenges of the future

In a scenario where data is becoming increasingly important in order to offer the market the products that best meet the needs of certain consumers, Lifestyle Design’s digital transformation strategy focuses on Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud to preside over several international markets by developing proposals for the hoc.

“All this is possible – he explains Roberto Boselli, CIO Lifestyle Design Group – only if you have an integrated system, connected to the various digital touchpoints and a valid data analysis system. With this project we will change our approach, we will go from a ‘design – I produce – I sell’ logic to one based on ‘listen – draw – I suggest’. “

The project, which is part of the group’s investments in digital transformation, which was intensified last year, will provide opportunities for more production efficiency and quality. Besides improve the company’s offerings to customers throughout listen and analyze needs, It will be possible reduce costs thanks to global procurement optimization, product quality, logistics chain improvement and production efficiency.

“Not only will the focus on Cloud Computing enable the Group to streamline operations and simplify access to information globally, but also to leverage computing capabilities and analytics capabilities that are capable of instilling intelligence into processes and making brands more agile to meet the challenges of the future. “The path that begins today is only the first step in a broader strategy that sees perfect harmony between IT and business,” he comments. Giacomo Frizzarin, Director of Small, Medium and Corporate Division at Microsoft Italy.

Microsoft and Capgemini will accompany Lifestyle Design along a digital transformation path that sees people at the center and gives them knowledge and the best technologies so that they can express their maximum potential as an organization. A transition that will lead to it becoming more and more a “data-driven business“, Helps consolidate its positioning as a luxury platform capable of anticipating market trends.

“Capgemini will support the digital transformation of the group by developing a complete and executable roadmap, designing a groundbreaking operating model and architecture to transform its way of doing business in an extremely dynamic market,” he adds. Alessandro Kowaschutz, Director of Retail and Distribution of Consumer Products and Energy Supply Chemicals at Capgemini in Italy.


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