LuisaViaRoma with Unicef ​​together with Syrian refugees in Jordan sings Jennifer Lopez on Capri …

by Eva Desiderio

Not to forget, today’s wars and those from yesterday, the dead, the suffering, the pain of separation from their loved ones, poverty, the inability of millions of children in the world to have bread and study. A commitment that has always seenUnicef, and also Unicef ​​Italy, in many charitable missions, but above all by focusing on the conscience of all of us in order to bring help and hope. And once again a stage on a proven journey full of good, here it is LuisaViaRoma is engaged in the field of Jordan to testify of Unicef’s work for Syrian refugee children and their families in the country and perhaps a little forgotten because of the overwhelming and urgent nature of other wars and other forced deportations of people. Because the new wars, like the one in Ukraine, do not cancel out the needs of those who may flee from older conflicts and find no way back. For about ten years, Jordan has hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees who, thanks to the programs of UNICEF and other international NGOs, receive education, protection, health and vaccinations every day in the hope of a better future. Zaatari And Azraq are two of the most important refugee camps in the northern part of Jordan, where thousands of people live full of strength and dignity, half of whom are children.

LuisaViaRoma has created a charity project with Unicef ​​for Syrian refugees in Jordan (Photo Alessandro Grassani)

LuisaViaRoma’s charity evenings (and the concert with Jennifer Lopez)

LuisaViaRoma, partner for Unicef ​​for 5 years through the VI charity gala, which it organizes twice a year between St. Barth and Capri (the next event will be on July 30 at the Certosa di San Giacomo), have decided to document what happens behind the scenes and how the funds raised during the charity evenings are used to show the concrete support that is coming the track, through a documentary signed by Francis Petittia photojournalistic report from the correspondent of New York Times Alexander Grassaniand a story told by the broadcast Raffaele Panizza. There will also be a special concert by Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, holds a special benefit concert in Capri at the end of July (Photo Ansa)

“When I look my babies in the eye, I can not think of it a better future for them without hoping for a world where all children can be happy, ”he says He knows Panconesi, President of Capri and St. Barth Events Committee. “This is why it was an honor to have had the opportunity to visit the refugee camps in Jordan, get in touch with this reality, see the concrete needs of the people and understand the fundamental importance of the presence of UNICEF and other international NGOs. You guarantee a better life and a future for these children. Because everyone’s commitment to change things is important so that history does not repeat itself. ”Her sister Annagreta Panconesi and her brother Nicholaus Panconesi also went to refugee camps with Luisa Panconesi .

“Syrian children from beyond 11 years they are experiencing the consequences of a terrible conflict that has taken everything from them. Many are repressed interior, approx 5.8 million found in neighboring countries such as refugees declared Paolo Rozera, Director – General of Unicef ​​Italy,. This field mission in Jordan among Syrian refugee children takes on a double meaning: not only to show the work of Unicef, but also to keep attention focused on a conflict that now seems to have been forgotten. The children of Syria, like the children of Ukraine, are paying the highest price for a conflict they did not want. They deserve all our commitment and support. Once again, I thank LuisaViaRoma for being with Unicef ​​with the most vulnerable children ”.

In Jordan, out of 10 million inhabitants, 2 million Syrian refugees (Photo Alessandro Grassani)

Jordan, out of 10 million inhabitants there are 2 million Syrian refugees

Ten million inhabitants of Jordan. Almost two million Syrian refugees. For which the situation is even more burdensome because the laws of Jordan prevent them from gaining access to most trades. Unicef ​​guarantees support through medicines, vaccinations, drinking water, play, adequate nutrition and education. Schooling in refugee camps has reached 73%. During the mission, LuisaViaRoma visited i.a. Makani, educational, recreational and cultural gathering centers set up by UNICEF in every corner of Jordan. Children and teenagers attend it in the afternoon. The girls and girls in the morning: “Once we have them here, we can not only contribute to their education, but above all we are able to monitor all problematic cases – explains caseworker of Makani, Walaia Fatah -. We intervene Occupation youthon weddings too earlyon the cases concerning bullying or violence housekeeper. On average, we are forced to report at least three cases a day “. Two very long days were dedicated to the main refugee camp, Zaatari, the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world, twenty kilometers from the border, an incredible city full of hope and full of desolation, where 38 schools, 52 recreation centers have been built. , 11 Makani, where 11 thousand children play and study.

During the mission in Jordan, LuisaViaRoma visited Makani, centers for educational, recreational and cultural gathering (Photo Alessandro Grassani)

Thanks to Unicef’s intervention, it’s theredrinking water which reaches all 26,000 prefabricated buildings thanks to the wells dug 350 meters underground by the WASH project, in a country where water risk is at the top of the world. In schools, teachers project the phonemes of the Arabic alphabet onto overhead projectors using tablets provided thanks to donations from NGOs. You learn to use the computer. Not to respond to violence with violence. How to defend yourself against bullying and how to say no to child labor. The girls take taekwondo classes and compete in football on the artificial turf pitches, which strengthens their identity and their sense of feminine pride.

In the camp, official data reveal, nineteen children are born every day, with a death rate close to zero. A positive place where everything grows and continues while remaining closed in a bubble of dreams and hopes.

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