Interior design 2021: September 5 trends

Sometimes a few glances at architects ‘and interior designers’ projects are enough to find the right ideas decorate your home in 2021. Each month, we gather the suggestions and trends that have emerged in home decor, along with a selection of items to decorate the spaces we live in.

If you flip through the pictures of the interior, solutions emerge that include declensions And interpretations different, sometimes they come into the common taste. Sometimes it comes to small complements or Regulations of furniture that lasts all season, other times it is the proposal that can characterize the style for many years.

Printed curtains

There are them pattern as extensive and elaborate as it seems paintingsthose that reproduce figurative topics and those who transform textures into designs: le printed curtains (or just woven) showing design becomes a kind wall art.

The decorative game works especially in environments where the decoration of the furniture is minimalbut of course such a strong decoration can also make its contribution in environments played on the symphonic chord of more style maximalist. One of the most elegant and refined examples is that which is born from the collaboration between Sarah Illenberger And Square (the picture in the opening).

Photo by Megan Taylor
Photo by Megan Taylor

Colored wood series

Among the many coatings available for a home, wood paneling has one timeless charm. But for those who are also looking for a contemporary note, the right solution may be to colored boiseriea good idea if you love this material but not its natural shades.

Color becomes a tool to create fascinating contrasts, eg in the bathroom where natural wood has a strong tone and bleached wood appears banal, here a color can bring a interesting mix with the whiteness of sanitary ware.

The possible uses are many: it is not necessary to think about major renovations, a cladding in colored wood for example, it may be the idea to create a very elegant headboard. The color then allows us to imagine different applications, even two-tone.

neon hay

Decorative neon

We’ve been used to it for so long light in the tube that today, in an era where it is on the verge of extinction due to technological development, we realize that it has entered our fictionalnot just old science fiction movies.

Admittedly, the forged neons in the most diverse figurative terms are very popular, not to mention luminous writings which appears in bars, hotels and even in many homes. But even the simple fluorescent lamp, white or colored, has different extents, so much so that it appears in the catalogs of most pop brands such as. Seletti And Hay.

The applications are, precisely by virtue of a character that has become more decorative than functional, varied. You can hang it on the walls like detail of lightor just place it behind a piece of furniture or leaned up against a corner to carry one color accent even after sunset.

decorate home september rugs

Sometimes the twist to decorate a room can be found in details which are not normally taken into account. This is the case with carpet for the bathroom which for many is simply an accessory with a simple (but basic) function, but for its own textile nature can make an important contribution to the style of the room.

The possibility of this complement also stems from the fact that the bathroom is very often a room from neutral character, where even a single element can shift the decorative balance. And this remedy seems to be popular as the suggestions are different from motivational phrases And ironic to pattern material of any kind, up to the proposals with refined textile manufacturing.

Photo Little Greene
Photo Little Greene

It’s not a choice for everyone: magenta carries a charge personality with great influence. It is a color scheme that easily focuses attention, and therefore it must be dosed in a project, both on the surfaces and on the furniture.

Magenta is a color that is suitable for use in furnished homes in modern stylemodern or eclectic, but it works above all in combination with essential furniture that highlights shine.

Another use is to refresh a slightly dated environment: it works well in classic white bathroomeven better if combined with blue decorative patternsor it can be used in a room characterized by wood in dark essences.


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