How to decorate the best prefabricated houses for the summer?

That prefabricated houses sometimes they can have a slightly retro look, let’s say, or they can have a slightly dull color and that doesn’t make them really attractive for the summer.

Just as we all prepare for costume customization, our wooden houses should do the same, and to do this it is necessary to start experimenting with fresh and innovative ideas.

We have flipped through some magazines in the industry to make this exhaustive guide on how to give your prefabricated wooden house a touch of freshness and personality. Then get your Moleskine ready and start taking notes!

Summer ideas for innovating and decorating prefabricated houses

To innovate and decorate prefabricated houses, it requires a pinch of creativity, no need to go around much!

But by following some tips, it is possible to renovate the environments, both inside and out, even if creativity is not your strong point. In the next lines you will find some ideas to apply right away and at a low price, but which will make a big difference.

Vases with colorful fresh flowers

A good way to make a decoration for your wooden home is to make vases with fresh climbing flowers to hang next to the front door.

Making this decoration does not require much effort or a great cost; to do this just buy:

  • ONE round vase template “bowl ribs“Of approx. 30/40 cm (you can find one of the colors you prefer at an online do-it-yourself dealer or at your trusted gardener, the price should not exceed 5 €);
  • ONE hook for hanging vaseto hang the flowerpot (the cost should not exceed € 2);
  • Three pots with climbing plants: an example is dipladenia (or mandevilla), which can be found in different colors (eg with white, purple or pink flowers). Alternatively, if you want to create a similar composition for the interior, you can think of plants like potos or pilea (which you can also find in winter).

This composition will not require much effort; however, it must be cared for, protected from the weather and wind and pruned when necessary. The ideal time to make this kind of composition is spring or summer.

Please note: If you do not think you have a green thumb and think that a similar composition would die after a few weeks, you can consider buying a “smart” pot that can only release water when the plant need it (in this regard, you could take a look at the vases of the German brand Lechuza).

Create an outdoor relaxation area

A good way to prepare prefabricated wooden houses for the summer is to include a relaxation area outside, preferably under a canopy or porch.

If you are a fan of home decor and like programs where houses are transformed, you have most likely already seen something similar on Home & Garden TV on channel 56; in that case, know that everything you have seen can also be achieved in your home.

For example, Maestro Case, a leading company in Europe in the production of wooden houses and solutions, has outdoor gazebos in its catalog, ideal for summer.

By choosing a gazebo similar to those produced by this company, you can create an oasis of peace where you can insert wicker sofas or a suspended armchair.

To add a touch of personality to the environment, you can put blankets or mega-pillows over these seats, ideal for summer evenings (maybe around September), or wireless lamps with wireless charging (an example is the Big Battery model by Kartell, created by designer Ferruccio Laviani).

The color of the exterior walls

Insertion of interior elements and accessories outside the structure is not the only solution to give a touch of freshness. A good way to allow for longer life and modernize prefabricated wooden houses is to remove the old paint (to do this you can help yourself with sandpaper) and apply a new coat of primer or colored paint.

The color palettes

This year’s color palettes for the summer for wooden walls, both indoors and outdoors, are:

  • Method: these are colors with warm tones and inspired by nature. The shades that represent this palette are:evergreen fog (a sage green), theaccessible beigesee bybronze (a kind of dove) and the shoji white (an off-white);
  • Opus: this palette consists of colors with dark tones, which contrast with lighter and unexpected colors. Colors that are part of this palette are: coral (a kind of peach color), aleutian (a wonderful blue), fleet- (a kind of navy blue that fits perfectly with the available beige) and one samovar silver (a gray);
  • DreamlandThese are best suited for spring, but can also be used for summer. It is a palette of vibrant and stunning colors, including: felted wool (a kind of mud color), a little lavander (a light lavender color), a rosemary (as the name suggests, it is rosemary) and one Rose (a very beautiful pink that at times wants to remind of the old);
  • Volatile: it is based on primary colors, with some references to the Scandinavian style. Among the colors that belong to this palette, we find: peace yellow (a thriller that knows its stuff), the moody blue (a pastel color, tendency to blue, very topical), rejuvenate (a beautiful fresh and summery color that resembles coral color) and a alabast (a kind of off-white that goes well with everything).

For a good result, we recommend combining these colors with the fabrics used to furnish accessories for the outdoors, such as: chair cushions, canvas for sun loungers or hammocks, and an optional umbrella.

Table lights

Finally, it is possible to decorate the prefabricated houses with scented candles, which can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Candles create an atmosphere as intimate as it is informal and perfume the rooms for a long time. On the market, there are many candles perfect for any occasion, such as the modern Woodwick by Yankee Candle.

These candles have a very elegant design and colors that fit well everywhere, as well as really good scents (which can last more or less long depending on the duration of the candle).

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