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Dear architect,
My name is Stefano and I have a house in the mountains that I would like to renovate, which makes the interior more comfortable and modern, without neglecting the natural context the house is located in. In fact, I would like to break away from the classic style of the mountain house by create a contemporary environment especially in the living room, while maintaining the continuity with the exterior parts of the building, through the use of materials such as wood and local stone. This house is used by me and my family during the holidays and weekends, so we want to turn it into a place of absolute comfort and relaxation, where you can unplug and regenerate body and soul immersed in nature, but with all the comforts, contemporary life. The apartment has a beautiful sloping wooden roof with exposed beams and joists, while the walls are partly clad with wood paneling and partly plastered; in this connection I would like to cover the whole apartment completely in wood. In the living room there is an aesthetically pleasing fireplace that I would like to enhance in some way so that it truly becomes the focal point of the environment. As for heat, I am oriented towards a floor solution. The environment that I ask for help in visualizing this style change from a rustic mountain house to a modern and elegant one is mainly the living room.



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Dear Stefano,
having another home in the mountains where you can spend even short periods in places that allow you to immerse yourself in nature, especially during this time, is a true fortune. To create the ideal “getaway” for you and your family, we have thought of revisit the mountain house’s rustic style by inserting furniture elements with a contemporary design that provides continuity to the context through the use of local materials such as wood and stone, also combined with other materials with a more distinctive modern taste such as metal, for a unique combination of design and comfort.


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Three ideas for the fireplace in the living room

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The fireplace in the living room, how to best integrate it

Based on your wishes, we have completely covered the living room walls with one boiserie made with larch slats by choosing a regular module that has also been reported on the floor; specifically, the floor plays on the combination of wood and stone, as this module in the entrance hall is made of flamed and brushed Piasentina stone and designed in the context of the bathroom, where we find it not only on the ground but also in the shower cladding. The combination of wood and stone is the recurring theme that characterizes the living room: the fireplacean element that must not miss any mountain home, currently appears anonymous and not very functional, so we decided to replace it with a thermal fireplace that is open on three sides, guaranteeing maximum visibility to the flame and completely cover its volume with large slabs of Piasentina stone, giving this element a monolithic look that helps define the elegant and modern style of the environment.

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by Ilenia Carlesimo

To enhance the welcoming atmosphere of your mountain home, we suggest you make a great one bench which will enclose the fireplace that reaches under the window and acts as a passepartout between the relaxation area and the dining area. This very scenic item will have the dual function of sitting and storing the wood that you will need to feed the flame from your fireplace in the winter evenings with the family. The continuous top of the bench is designed in Piasentina stone, while the underlying structure that houses the firewood is in black metal. The material contrast between wood and stone is also reflected on the chromatic level in the choice of leather upholstery; the warm color of the cushions in old leather couch and of seats reminiscent of the inviting shades of wood, while the anthracite gray leather that encloses the sofa seat and covers the cushions of the bench emphasizes the crucial character of the Piasentina stone monolith.

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The living room with open kitchen: how to organize the open space

There kitchen it develops in continuity with the living room and lives on the same wood / stone binomial; Although small in size, it is equipped with all the necessary equipment and appliances to ensure practicality and functionality, ready to welcome the family when they return from the ski slopes or from a long summer trip. To increase the feeling of spaciousness in such a small area, we played on the chromatic combination between the kitchen wooden elements that fall into the general cladding and the stone inserts created in the distance between base units and wall elements and on the entire top of The work, giving depth to the environment. The top, with its horseshoe shape, ends with a small stone volume that marks the separation between the kitchen and the living room, and aesthetically resembles the monolith of the fireplace.

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Decorating the living room, how to make the living room and dining area stick together


Separate the entrance from the living room

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Decorate entrance hall, furniture and solutions to make it comfortable and inviting

To get the right atmosphere inside your mountain house, the choice of light fixtures will be very important. The environment has an elongated conformation and enjoys in spite of large windows from which a beautiful is filtered natural light, this unfortunately does not guarantee complete lighting. Thanks to the generous height of your home, we have thought about inserting a central suspension consisting of two elegant concentric circles, characterized by a double lighting, diffuse and punctual, in order to control the light in the surroundings sufficiently. To support this choice, light bodies dedicated to other functions such as e.g.entrancethat breakfast area and the kitchen so you can better modulate the light.

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