Home Decor 2021: October 5 Trends

Looking for ideas and interior design solutions for decorate your home in 2021is it useful to look at the work with architects And interior designer as inspiration or even as a starting point for something new. Every month we collect the suggestions and trends that have emerged in interior design, but also ideas to insert complements and accessories to bring a change to interior design.

Based on the latest photos of the interior design projects, options and solutions it with declensions and different interpretations, sometimes into the common taste. Sometimes it comes to small complements or dispositions that last once seasonother times they are solutions to rearrange the space in some of the rooms of the house.

Bouclé for furniture such as soft toys

The fabric has many material variations: Even if you only take cotton, the processing of this material allows you to always have different yields. Among these are boucléabove all for the ability to replicateplush effect.

Clearly, the sensation works if the fabric covers something soft in shapelike a padded. This is why this finish is starting to emerge among the options to cover sofasbut it also works well for headboards. Do not forget that sometimes one plaid, perfect complement to seasonal decorative changes. And for those who love to dare, there are also those who, like Dedar, produce substances by the meter to cover old furniture.

Sometimes they become a need to find space for plantbut more generally in wall pot holder they are a real decoration option. On the one hand, they representoriginal alternative to the usual framework with which they can often coexist peacefully.

On the other hand, they can be a simple system, in combination with climbing species or falls back, to create with a home jungle corner. And finally, they are a convenient solution in the kitchen to host aromatic herbs and spices with originality.

furniture your home 2021 toile de jouy paper taste

Toile de Jouy for the whole house

There are decorations from the past that always remain current: among these there is certainly it toile de Jouy, the unmistakable scenario consisting of rural scenes and exotic animals. But if the classic application of this great evergreen of decorative art it is the fabric, especially that which is intended to cover the walls, now we can find it almost everywhere, on ceramics for the table or for linens.

There are also contemporary interpretations of the topics, such as the Flavor Paper wallpaper designed by Mike Diamond of Beastie Boys who chose to use Brooklyn scenes and locations.

Dark walls for the bedroom

It’s easy to be afraid of dark colors on the walls, but it is true that they are a formula to bring a touch of original and refined elegance. Above all, you can make many interesting color and material combinations, such as velvet and light metals such as brassso typically in many of the lamps produced today.

If a kitchen or living room is a real gamble because environments typically need brightness, it is Bedroom very suitable for this decorative twist. For example, the anthracite color is an interesting base to build scaled palettes with pastel combinationsprovides space for original chromatic games, with the most delicate solutions Tone and tone up to more vivid contrasts.

Photo by Jose Hevia
Photo by Jose Hevia

In general, it is a privilege for large sizes, but there are projects and ideas that must be achievable small walk-in closets, even in houses with smaller dimensions. More and more solutions designed specifically for codification small rooms and it is easy to find examples of some means to obtainwalk in closet even where it did not seem possible.

One of the most common is definitely to move the bed from the wall and, if there is the necessary space, to get it walk-in closet. At the same time, there are also those who have designed the anteroom or a section of the corridor so that it becomes one equipped walk-through room with shelves and hangers. The vertical solutions must not be forgotten, namely i.a. loft beds who utilize the space by lifting themselves off the ground.


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