GPS locations: fired upon verification of qualifications, the replacement score is not valid

GPS locations: fired upon verification of qualifications, the replacement score is not valid

GPS rankings: how many teachers signed up in 2020 without a necessary and detailed verification of the admission qualification and only discovered after the verification performed under the substitutes that they were not in order. Consequence of the dismissal. Now the teachers who have received the points missing from the qualification ask if they can consider the “forgetfulness” remedied and get the substitute score.

The GPS rankings for 2020

Established with OM n. 60/2020, the applications have been submitted no later than 6 August 2020. An absolutely delayed date so that the school offices – while making use of the polo schools’ cooperation – could assess all the applications precisely in time for the award of the substitutes in September.

Among other things, the executive order did not include the possibility of publishing the preliminary publication / complaints / verification / final publication.

So the rankings were published according to the instructions of the teachers and the controls were postponed to the first substitute.

The process of evaluating applications

OM 60/2020 contained various steps

  1. The provincial school offices continue with the evaluation of the declared qualifications for the relevant GPS, also through the delegation to polo schools in specific competition classes, in order to avoid inconsistencies in the evaluations (as mentioned impossible to administer precisely in the limited period)
  2. The educational institution if the candidate establishes the first contract of employment during the period of validity of the rankings, he shall carry out the timely verification of the declarations submitted.
  3. At the end of the inspection, the head of the school who carried them out shall notify the result of the inspection to the competent office, which system validation the information in the application and inform the interested party. The qualifications are considered to be definitively validated and useful to the holders for submitting additional requests and for compiling the register.
    of the teaching staff referred to in Article 2 (1) 4th, in Legislative Decree 22/2020.
  4. In case of a negative result of the verification, the school head who carried out the inspection shall inform the competent office of the circumstances with a view to the exceptions referred to in Article 7 (1). 8 and 9, or for the purpose of repeating the grades and positions assigned to the candidate; dissemination of the decisions made also takes place to the interested party.
  5. As a result of the any service rendered by the aspirant on the basis of false statements is, with a specific provision issued by the headmaster, declared to be factual and not by law, with the consequence that the same is not mentioned in the service certificates requested by the interested party and no score is given, nor is it useful for the recognition of seniority and career path, without prejudice to any other sanctions.

Admission qualification without the points required for entry into the competition class

What was the most common problem in the recording title? The lack of the CFUs that the ministry with DPR 19/2016 and DM 259/2017 considers essential to gain access to the competition class and as a result has the right to be included in the ranking of the substitutes.

The lack of CFU in the admission qualification therefore led to dismissal from the current temporary position.

Does the serve score?

The answer is contained in the actual OM 60/2020

  1. any service rendered by the aspirant on the basis of false statements is, by a special provision issued by the headmaster, declared to be actual and not by law, with the consequence that the same is not mentioned in the certificates of service requested by the person concerned and no score is givennor is it useful for the purpose of recognizing seniority and career paths, without prejudice to any sanctions of a different nature;

And even though the school management has understood the good faith with which the statements were made, the provision still exists and it must be taken into account.

The fact that the teacher has now closed the gap in the missing CFUs does not also authorize the implementation of the temporary posting.

Otherwise, this can set an annoying precedent in the rankings: I sign up even if the title is not complete, I accept the replacement, mature score even though I am not eligible for it, and then, in case I get the title that is not is suitable for inclusion in the rankings.

These situations can happen, but there must rightly be a limit, namely to “waste” time on scoring points.

On the other hand, the issue of re-determining the score for other titles or services performed is different, a circumstance that did not lead to the deletion from the GPS.

GPS provincial and institute rankings for temporary staff: requirements, 24 ECTS, assessable qualifications, province and choice of schools [LO SPECIALE]

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