Generations Compared: GenZs and Millennials Home in the Post-Pandemic

Two almost opposite worlds: on the one hand the boho chic taste with vintage furniture accessories and handmade furniture designed to give life to a suggestive atmosphere that refers to distant lands and invites to relaxation; on the other hand, the vitamin charge of the peach color chosen for the house’s most intimate space, the bathroom. The first style is especially popular with the so-called Generation Yalso called Millennials when those born there came of age precisely in the new millennium (between 1982 and the first half of the nineties). The other from Generation Zalso called Centennials because it welcomes those born at the beginning of the new century (1995-2010). This is just one of the differences that emerged from the Pinterest survey that was created to reveal what inspires young people’s purchases in the post-pandemic. The visually inspired platform is truly a reliable trend observatory as it attracts over 450 million users every month and helps them find ideas to translate into everyday life. Especially when it comes to decorating and organizing the home, as it represents “a place to plan projects,” comments Larkin Brown, user researcher of the platform, who continues: “More and more people are turning to Pinterest for suggestions and inspiration for change. and renew the furniture in your home.From small renovations to larger, we have in the past year registered a marked increase in searches in the home sector ».

GenZ really likes the peach-colored bathroom (photo Novello)

Although they were divided for a handful of years, these generations look at the platform differently. “They are looking for new colors, original looks and ideas to refresh the home environment, but they have very different tastes and styles,” the company writes in a note. However, both are “imbued with a mixture of optimism and euphoria, looking for, saving and buying products that express all their enthusiasm for the restart”, we continue reading.

Colors as an antidote to the pandemic: the Korea model from art to schools

by Francesca Alliata Bronner

In fact, it stands out from this interesting comparison that GenZ knows no middle ground: it loves the bold lights from fluorescent, but also the fresh and delicate shades as can be seen from the research “sage green and brown bedroom”, which registers a search increase corresponding to 27 times, as well as “pastel room ideas” (12 times) and “peach bathroom” (20 times).

A sky blue and mint green summer

by Ludovica Stevan

Pinterest’s large digital anthology also brings together solutions for interior design. And given that Centennials are very mindful of sustainability issues, it’s not surprising that they want to enjoy creative recycling and give new life to objects that have completed their mission. An example of this is the research into “decorating the room with skateboards”, which has seen a 30-fold increase.

An old skateboard is the protagonist of a successful example of creative recycling, a practice loved by Centennials (picture taken from the book Upcycling – Logos edizioni, 144 pp., 19.50 euros – here an insight)

Millennials shopping, on the other hand, wants to chase away the greyness and sadness of the lockdown with shopping in the name of liveliness and brightness.. And then the living room gets a lively and personal touch with red chairs (32 times increasing) and blue modular sofas (24).

Millennials are looking for red chairs and colorful furniture that gives personality to the rooms (pictured the new Connubia outdoor collection)

In the bedroom, however, relaxation reigns. The restroom becomes a place to dream of distant places between hippie and elegant. As research for “modern boho chic bedrooms” (20) shows.
Is there a meeting place between the two generations? Yes, and that can be summed up with the nostalgia of the 2000s. “2000’s Room Decor” is popular with both Generation Z (increase 30x) and Generation Y (increase 80x).

An example of boho chic style that is especially appreciated by Millennials (pictured a San Marco setting: on the walls Abitare il Benessere line, Silver Confort, water-based paint based on silver ions that inhibit bacterial deposition and mold formation)

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