Furnishings for a house in Zen style

Although it is not one of the most famous design styles, use it Japanese Zen style in a home it is equivalent to creating an environment of peace and relaxation. Do you want to decorate your home by building your refuge away from the stresses and strains that are typical of modern life? You can introduce the principles of zen philosophy in furniture of your home.

Furnishings for a house in Zen style

Use soft and neutral colors and decorate rooms with minimal furniture and simple decorations. These features bring balance and clean lines to the home.

Characteristics of a Zen-style home

Let the energy flow positively in the different spaces of your home in Zen style, and discover the characteristics of this philosophy applied tofurniture.

Colors inspired by nature

The best color for Zen-style homes is natural and neutral. Think of the colors of nature: the blue of the sky, the gray of the rocks and the golden beige on a sandy beach. These are the perfect shades to use in a furnished home Be quiet.

You can also use pink and white. Mix them together by choosing a few complementary colors that fit well into the environment of your home. It is sufficient to make use of these colors on the walls, on the floor and in the furniture to create vital and energetic spaces.

Natural products how wood and stone bring nature into your home and create warmth and energy in a subtle and refined way. Among the materials we can find in nature, bamboo is the best to integrate into furniture.

Natural fabrics in Zen style

In addition to using natural materials like wood and stone, you can also adopt natural substances to make sofas, curtains and rugs more cohesive with the furniture. Choose solid-colored rugs and pillows in wool, silk, satin or any other natural fabric.

No wallpaper

Heavily patterned wallpaper does not fit the Zen style at all. Once again, we need to think minimally. Different textures can also be blended to make the final look excellent as a whole.

That Chintz fabric has no place in a Zen world! If you really want to add a touch of color to the walls of your home, you can paint or use one murals in which there are Japanese flowers.

Simple pieces: straight and sober geometric lines

Every geometric line in relation to furniture should be straight and simple. The edges of the furniture can be slightly curved to make the rooms warmer. Tables, friezes, inlaid furniture and redundant furniture can not fit into a Zen-style home. Even furniture with pointed shapes has been abolished!

Less is more: Zen minimalism

Do not overload the room with too much furniture. Space and balance are important. It is not necessary to fill every wall and every corner. In Zen philosophy, time needs the right spaces. Is there really a need for so many items around us? The house can be more spacious and relaxing by limiting us to inserting minimum furniture.

Get items on shelves and shelves

Minimize ornaments and do not be tempted to add a little color. A shelf can certainly not be empty, as a shelf can not be: try adding a few items at a time. At this point, take a step back and observe the overall look to see if you perceive a sense of balance in the room.

Warm and intense lighting

Lthe lighting should be soft and warm, not cold and direct. Absolutely avoid the white cold bulbs.

Place strategic lights in different areas, such as spotlights on the walls and a lamp in a corner, so you do not have to rely entirely on a single ceiling lamp.

Fluorescent or colored light is a solution to avoid.

Store things properly

The principles of Zen philosophy they are based on order and balance. To this, if your intention is to transform yours Zen style house, you should reduce clutter. To overcome the problem of disorder, you can use wardrobes, closets, various boxes, chests and more. For example, storing items in a container bed is part of the Zen style.

If there is an area to hide, you can use one Japanese stand.

Bonsai and broadleaf plants

A little green always adds the finishing touch to a Zen-style home. How about one bonsai? Or some lush plants with large leaves to infuse calm? A beautiful orchid is never out of place, even in a Zen-inspired interior. Plants help relax and release oxygen to the environment. Even a small plant helps to create peace in an environment.

In summary, Zen-style homes are perfect when materials, colors, shapes and fabrics blend into places of absolute relaxation and peace.


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