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KILEKRONIK “Start” continues in its close calendar with another weekend where the main character will be antiques with the inauguration of the 45th National Antiques Exhibition.

From April 14 to May 22 in Castiglia (Salita al Castello – Saluzzo with inauguration on May 13 at 6pm), Franco Brancaccio once again curates the great antiques exhibition that brings a world of antique and antique beauty to Saluzzo through interpretation, research and glance at twenty of the best Italian antique dealers.

The National Antiquities Exhibition in Saluzzo blows its first 45 candles out into a room of great charm, Castilla, the castle of the awnings of Saluzzo, which is already one of the sites of Italian antiques. For the fourth edition, the curator intends to tell stories of antique dealers and precious and ancient objects, to continue, and actually relaunch, the trail of success that the historic Saluzzo event has been able to achieve year after year.

Saluzzo proposes himself to the world of antiques without interruption of continuity – one of the few national events that has always managed to take place despite the pandemic period – and dedicates a special thought to the Bergamo galleries (the prestigious Caravaggi exhibit): in their city, hard hit in these difficult years, the historical exhibition could not be realized and their most precious works were able to find a solid landing right in Saluzzo.

The taste and definition of “beauty” changes over the years, but Saluzzo remains a niche where tradition has roots dating back to the last century and attention to ancient art has never failed. Among the wonders that the public will be able to admire (Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 20, the other days from 15 to 20) a Madonna and Child by Maestro Francesco di Valdambrino Domenico (1363 – 1435 Siena), a few baroque angels of the Bernese sphere, supported by cloud-shaped, carved and gilded bases (16th-17th century, Rome), a Piedmontese Louis XVI chest of drawers in finely carved lacquered and gilded wood.

For 2022, the big news is a first look at the garden’s antiques: through the construction of a space in the beautiful courtyard of Castile by garden historian and architect Paolo Pejrone. This year, a new area of ​​interest was born for the National Antiquities Exhibition in Saluzzo, which also offers a look at the beauty of outdoor spaces that has always been the subject of a real world of stone, marble and wrought iron objects. Exhibited include a well in sculpted statue marble from around 1480 and a Genoese fountain in white marble from 1500.

Timeless quality therefore for a city that reaffirms itself with START Sa as the art capital of all time, which for over two months is able to combine contemporary art, modern and ancient art in a kaleidoscope of agreements, perspectives and artistic proposals.

No less interesting, in Saluzzo, the weekend program: from Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 May, Liceo Soleri Bertoni and the Denina Institute “challenge” each other for three days between design and construction, planning and realization, thinking about the territory and the widespread trade . A proposal DISTRETTO DEL COMMERCIO TERRE DEL MONVISO which wants to build a bridge between territorial projects and students by asking the very young to create a studio and a prototype of “identity elements” for the window and the exterior.

Saturday 14 May all day in the gardens of APM in Saluzzo RECYCLING TO MAKE IT PLAY: a whole weekend to play and have fun with sound installations made with recycled items and natural materials. Two extravagant artists / musicians will fill the courtyard of the APM school with their most original creations to get young and old to play and entertain. From kl. 15.30 on the occasion of Kid Pass Days 2022, Castilla, the exhibition venue for the Antique Revue, will one day become a place for creativity and experiments through the use and processing of a material as ductile as solid as wood, used since ancient times for various purposes that make it precious and humble at the same time. The small participants will be able to get involved and experiment with different woodworking to create a small handmade product. (Price: 5 € per participant for children aged 6 to 12. Reservation required:

Until May 22, it will be possible to visit the 27th Saluzzo Contemporary Art Exhibition for the first time Driven by PARATISSIMA. The extensive exhibition project, curated by Francesca Canfora, is divided into the district’s large premises, Ex Caserma Musso, and involves a total of around 30 artists who will interpret the theme of revival through the most varied techniques and expressive languages. Alongside the younger new talents, the most famous artists exhibit with a long-standing exhibition curriculum, including Domenico Borrelli, Carlo Doria, Enrico Iuliano and Walter Visentin, Il Cerchio e le Gocce and Davide “Boosta” Di Leo, who will occasionally re-enter the district’s spaces with large sculptures and installations with an environmental dimension. Still in partnership with the Paratissima, the Monastery of the San Giovanni Monastery is the host Animal soul by Simone Benedetto to tell how sculpture can animate and re-inhabit a space, poetically reinterpreting the spirit of a place.

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