Forlì. “One more summer”, children and grandparents together at the summer camp

Children and the elderly together in a large summer camp, which from June to the beginning of September gives them the opportunity to participate in experiences that must be lived side by side and to an even greater extent with each other. It’s “One more summer”, the first intergenerational recreation center to open on June 6 in the Lido di Classe at “BackDoor” in via Alvise Cadamosto: the equipped area with the two large water slides near “Mattley Beach” managed by this year by Veronica Cedrini from Forlì.

The project, which is unique in the area, stems from her professional experience as a nurse and head of the staff office and training courses at the nursing home San Lorenzino di Cesena and from a passion that has over time become a job, now fully accomplished. autonomy. However, the uniqueness of “One more summer” is also due to a personal experience, an awareness gained in the last two years, the awareness of forced “social distancing”, which has produced a happy intuition. Unite the generations.

“This is what I want to convey, because my experience in the clinic has made me experience the discomfort, often also the pain, of isolation, the lack of family devotion, a greeting, the presence close to you, children or of the grandchildren – explains Veronica Cedrini – so I thought of combining the so-called “third age” with the center reserved for children aged 5 to 14. For adults, there is no age limit, anyone who wants to share their days with us can register and will find qualified staff for dedicated activities to share with children. “

Veronica’s staff consists of about 40 people, who alternate in all weeks of the summer camp until 9 September. All figures carefully selected by Forlì. “In addition to the young animators, many of them scouts, I have gained the will to join us as health professionals, I know or work with me – he explains – we have graduates in sports, clinical psychology, physiotherapists, social workers. “We are open to collaborations with associations that deal with senior citizens and housing structures in the area during a holiday period for their guests”.

In addition, students on the Oss courses at the academic institute “Ruffilli” in Forlì have the opportunity to complete their internship at the summer camp.

Many activities were promoted «also in collaboration with Mattley Bathroom with kitchens at our disposal and two different menus a day». Every Friday from 7 to 9 “Wish Night” on the beach, under the stars with dinner and entertainment, lots of sports, gymnastics, water aerobics, theatrical improvisation, days dedicated to books, trips out of town, approaching horseback riding, creative workshops’ and kitchen where children and grandparents will prepare everything ». And of course fun on the water slides. The center is open from 7 to 18.30 until Friday and from 7 to 13 on Saturday with a maximum of 80 children in shifts. Registrations are already open and those who do so by June 3 will have a 20 euro discount for each week (349.0601519;

For the residents of Forlì, but also those living in Cervia and San Pietro in Vincoli and the surrounding area, there is an extra service. “We provide shuttles for the transport of the members of the Lido di Classe, with departures in front of the Globo in Forlì, at the San Pietro in Vincoli sports ground and at the Carabinieri barracks in Cervia”.

By 15 May, summer camp leaders will be able to submit an application to Forlì Municipality to participate in the work-life balance project funded by the Emilia Romagna region with resources from the European Social Fund to support families in need of summer services for children. and young people between 3 and 13 years (up to 17 years with certified disability), in the period June-September 2022. The leaders who are interested in participating in the project must have a clear pedagogical tone, have a base based on the municipal area and be aimed at children / young people in the age group between 3 and 13 years without any form of discrimination. For any information you can contact Alessandra Caroli on 338.7844479.

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