for farmers is the only way to go in search of a solution

In a letter addressed to the Regional Councilor for Agriculture Pentassuglia and also to the President of the Gargano National Park, Pasquale Pazienza, Coldiretti Puglia defines “amoral” that in a moment of severe economic and energy crisis, arbitrarily affecting all production sectors, with serious consequences for food and security of supply, it is not possible to plan a serious and common strategy against wild boar and the damage they continue to cause to agricultural structures and crops, as well as road safety. On March 11, a herd of ungulates provoked Gino Turco’s deathentrepreneur from Lesina who died after a horrific traffic accident on State Road 693.

Fortunately, the arrival of the rain saved the spring sowing, the cultivation of wheat, vegetables and fruit. With the lack of rain, the artificial reservoirs in Puglia recorded 8.6 million cubic meters of water less than in the same period the year before, already one of the driest, after a winter in 2022 with 1/3 fewer showers. “Drought threatens more than 30% of agricultural production, including tomato sauce, fruit, vegetables and wheat, but what is also worrying is the development of crops intended for animal feed, irrigation of olive groves and orchards, because if the dry conditions continue, farmers will be forced to intervene with emergency irrigation where possible “.

However, the wild boar problem remains: “We are on the verge of sowing legumes and a cereals campaign that is absolutely uncertain due to drought, the high cost of fuel and fertilizer, cereal prices tend to rise and institutions that have address can not “afford” to cancel the work and sacrifices of agricultural entrepreneurs by allowing crops to be destroyed by wild boar or by wild animals more generally, thanks to uncertainties, regulatory shortcomings, plans and programs that have been waiting for decades to be approved, documentation that is in the offices and should be sent elsewhere, ”said Savino Muraglia, president of Coldiretti Puglia.

In Puglia following the closure of the Covid emergency, the situation has become unsustainable in the countryside with damage of at least 15 million euros a year to agricultural production, but – stresses Coldiretti Puglia – the environmental balance of huge territorial ecosystems in areas has also been compromised. of naturalistic value with loss of both animal and plant biodiversity. “We will not allow anyone to hide behind the inefficiency of the bureaucracy, the lack of staff, the ‘smart work’ that has emptied public offices for two years, that is, we will not continue to listen to a ‘litany’,” where we know well and it must be interrupted by concrete, timely and workable choices for the community.Cages, sewer covers, traps are no longer enough provided they are never served.The only way we would like to suggest and support is the selection hunt within the park areas and contiguous areas, to accommodate numerical control and serious and profitable control of wild boar “, thunders the regional director, Pietro Pigeons.

There are many unresolved issues – reports Coldiretti Puglia – to which there is still no answer, ranging from the latest in the comparison between parks and the Puglia region to Vasen for the monitoring and management plan for wild boar species, from the implementation of the Council Decision, which has provided for a regional computerized procedure enabling landowners to forward the request for control intervention on “exposed” lands to the regional regulation for the activity of selection hunting, up to the regional register of hunters authorized for selection hunting for which there is still no trace; of.

The herds of wild boar – emphasizes the regional Coldiretti – are getting closer and closer to homes and schools, to the parks, where children play, destroy crops, attack animals, besiege stables, cause traffic accidents with dead and injured people and scratch among the waste with dangers to human health. and security.

Without forgetting the danger of spreading diseases, which is highlighted by the same surveillance and prevention plan for 2021 published by the Ministry of Health, which reiterates how wild boar have a fundamental responsibility for the spread of African swine fever (Psa) and therefore one of the necessary measures in Italy is the numerical control of the population of these animals. Therefore, the action under the plan – Coldiretti Puglia concludes – must be aimed at both numerical and spatial reduction through hunting activities, control actions under Article 15 of Law 157/92 and programmable actions in the network of protected areas.

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