food and agri-food culture that becomes the narrative of a territory –

The successful experience of CNA Imperia at Aromatica 2022 – Perfumes and flavors of the Ligurian Riviera, now in its 9th edition, which last weekend hosted the inviting pedestrian center in Diano Marina for the typical products of western Liguria and beyond, which include aromatic herbs among their ingredients.

“The CNA participated with great enthusiasm in this important event,” comments Luciano Vazzano, Territorial Secretary of the CNA Imperia. “To accompany our presence, an exhibition and tasting room designed to allow visitors to learn and taste the typical local produce provided by renowned and experienced artisans and agricultural companies joining Imperia’s CNA”.

“First of all, we turn with gratitude to the Mayor of Diano Marina, Za Garibaldi, and to the Gestioni Municipali Spa, who have given us a much appreciated welcome.” And he continues, “The project was born in synergy with the Lavender Producers Association of the Riviera dei Fiori to strengthen the human and cultural capital that our territory is able to express, a concrete example of participation in the realization of a common goal: history of a country through what has made it recognizable over the years and has helped to form its identity ».

It is with pride that CNA presented the delicacies from Gibelli biscuit factorywhich for three generations in Vallecrosia has produced Ligurian confectionery specialties according to the recipes handed down in respect of tradition and authenticity, and the taste of remembrance offered by Canestrelli di Taggia of the traditional and historic oven Sandro Canestrelli by Alfio Rossello; and saw the precious saffron and the productions with the precious “Red Gold of the Argentina Valley” from Delizie di Ba ‘by Barbara Cardonethe extra virgin olive oil, strictly produced with Taggiasca olives, fromOld Saguato Oil Mill by Diano San Pietro, up to the scents of the peasant chef’s Egyptian Ligurian onion Marco Dameleand the unmistakable aroma ofgold of Vessalico, garlica Ligurian agro-food expertise, typical of the small municipality of the Upper Arroscia Valley.

Taste, but also artistic and creative craftsmanship with the precious support of Barbara Paderni and her floral compositions Fiur laboratory of Via Cascione in Imperia, a coffin of colors that has adorned and colored the set-up space even more.

Then the room dedicated to the project is very fragrant Lavender from the Riviera dei Fiori®, it from the laboratories of San Pietro Lab di Diano San Pietro presented the entire line dedicated to lavender and the wide range of natural products and a small taste of the productions suggested byChamalou biavl by the young Lorenzo Pagnini, who presented his entire enormous production of honey, flavorful grappas and mead.

And from the meeting of aromas, a dip in the world of taste thanks to taste agreements with aroma and taste of lavender from the Riviera dei Fiori, such as the lavender focaccia from Lanini bakery of Diano Marina or the proposal of unusual combinations, such as the challenge launched to the owners of the Caprice coffee, which has successfully combined the scents of lavender with those of coffee. And still protagonists are the scents of the four provinces of Liguria: lavender for Imperia, chinotto for Savona, lemons for Cinque Terre and basil for Genoa wrapped in chocolate delight with the presentation of Massimo Migliaro by Sweetness of Paganini from Genoa and its popular “frigge”, tastes of Liguria.

To end with a crescendo of taste, the creation of the chef Paola Chiolini de La Balena Bianca di Vallecrosia, which in honor of the Aromatic 2022 event proposed a dish that fully respects seasonal local ingredients: “Cream of trumpets and marjoram with local prawns garnished with basil oil pearls and caramelized roses”, an explosion of aromas and perfumes in a color palette.

“Aromatica represented the perfect phase where food, aromas and agri-food culture have become the narrative of our territory. And so our speech at the event was an opportunity for the launch of our new one Agricultural desk “because our association intends to support the activity of entrepreneurs working in the agricultural sector, who are committed to improving the quality and characteristics of the products that tell the traditions and culture of our country”, continues Vazzano.

“Agricultural foods, especially those represented by ancient productions, are part of our cultural heritage and of the societies that make them: to support our companies – concludes Vazzano – means to represent the producers of expertise that make up the identity of the West. Liguria, promote respect and care for raw materials “, he concludes.

«From the whole association a dutiful thank you to the numerous representatives of the institutions who wanted to greet us, to our partners and to all the entrepreneurs whose contributions were fundamental to the participation in this precious event. Finally, thanks to the conductor Gianni Rossi, who made himself our “accomplice” in the organization of the presentation moments ».

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