Floridia’s Councilor for Education and Culture, Paola Gozzo, resigns: she’s a candidate for mayor of Solarino

The Councilor for Education and Culture of Floridia, Paola Gozzo, resigns and dedicates himself to the sole candidacy for Mayor of Solarino. We receive and publish the note by which he resigns:

“From life’s experiences, we receive something that we always carry with us. For every parenthesis that is opened, sooner or later a natural conclusion comes. And the time has come to resign my resignation as councilor in Floridia municipality after 18 months of intense work and great attention to the needs of the city.Months that have enriched my professional and human training.I will carry the pleasure of having contributed to the socio-economic and cultural reconstruction process of the city and to have restored confidence in political activity among the citizens as baggage on my journey towards new experiences.

I feel the same joy of having left some “seeds” available to those who will come after me. Much has been done, but much remains to be done. Although the administration at the time of covid and the institution’s financial crisis was not easy, I had the honor and happiness of being part of a genuine, solid and prepared team that immediately found a way to work together towards common goals. Gianni, Gianfilippo, Antonio and Marieve beautiful people and talented people that I will keep as precious friends with whom I shared an oath that we have honored together.

At the helm of this team and the city, Mayor Marco Carianni, for all “Marcuccio”. I owe him a lot, I learned from him; despite being half my age, he was an example and a constant and punctual reference. A mayor who immediately revealed his administrative and political capacity and great love for Floridia and the Floridians, and whom I recognize a cultural and human depth that is already making a difference in the political landscape. Humility combined with foresight and his great willpower make him an example to many people, young and old. I say thank you to him for giving me confidence, but above all for giving me my confidence back in politics and in people who do politics, seriously and with dedication every day.

I resign from the Commission for the respect and responsibility I have for the people and communities to which I belong. I am a candidate for mayor of Solarino, and despite the fact that the law would allow me to remain a councilor in Floridia, I believe and feel that I have to devote myself entirely to the election campaign and to the Solarians. I leave my job out of respect for the Floridians who have supported and encouraged me so much, received and overwhelmed me with certificates of esteem and devotion.

I leave with respect for the mayor and the council, who deserve time and presence. I step out of respect for the Cambiopasso political group that supports my candidacy and wants me to lead our community. I am leaving my position, but I am leaving neither the people nor the model of sound and productive politics that I have made for myself and that I will try to establish in my new political experience in Solarino. I thank the school leaders at all levels and the whole school community for being a reference and networking at every opportunity.

I thank the voluntary, social and cultural associations who expressed important moments for sharing and seeking the involvement of the administration. I would like to send a heartfelt thank you and a loving greeting to the sector managers and to all employees in Floridia municipality, in you I have found a great spirit of cooperation, education and humanity. Each with different roles, tasks and characteristics, you have helped to make my experience important by respecting me and collaborating to the maximum.

A greeting and thank you goes to my fellow councilors in the council, the Prime Minister and all the city council members who want you to continue in this direction towards increasingly important things, united and proud of your work. A special greeting and thanks goes to Marieve, Councilor Paparella, a woman who with her sensitivity, humility and professionalism accompanied me at various times and who I have always found next to me, to confront myself and help me in overcoming difficulties. .

I owe a sincere thank you to Tiziano Spada, generous and attentive, always ready to listen and support good friends and good politics. Last but not least, I thank Mayor Marco Carianni for the mutual trust and esteem we have; I greet him in the knowledge that I want to be close to the political model that is abundant of him and his person, I will in any case be available to cooperate if necessary. I greet him and wish him to grow politically and always remain Marcuccio for me and for all those who respect him and love him. I wish those who come after me a fruitful work, in the assurance of great satisfaction. “

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