Families in Venice. Don Dal Corso: “Look yourself in the eye again”. Loreggia: “Being houses with an open door”

The journey of the families of the Patriarchate of Venice towards the World Summit in June starts on Sunday 8 May. For Fr. Pierpaolo Dal Corso, in charge of the family’s pastoral care, it is necessary to “rebuild the bonds”. “A unique and inviting community where everyone can feel at home”, wanted Cristina Loreggia, who together with her husband supports Don Pierpaolo

Families in Venice.  Don Dal Corso: “Look yourself in the eye again”.  Loreggia: “Being houses with an open door”
photo SIR / Marco Calvarese

“Finally back present after two years, each parish will live the first moment of simplicity, June 22, in its own community of reference, while the last day, Sunday, June 26, will see all the realities of patriarchy united into one diocese. party meeting with the Eucharistic celebration led by the patriarch Francesco Moraglia at the gym in Salesian San Marco alla Gazzera ”. Don Pierpaolo Dal Corso, head of the Office of Family Pastoral Care in the Patriarchate of Venice, illustrates for the SIR how the 10th World Meeting of Families will be held in the diocese, scheduled for June 22-26 in Rome with the theme “Family Love: Calls and of Holiness”. In light of the appointment in June, he explains, preparatory meetings will be held in the various areas of the diocese, the first of which is scheduled for Sunday, May 8, in the parish of Santa Maria Goretti for the Mestre-Favaro area. Followed by Saturday 14 May in Zelarino for the Castellana area, Sunday 15 May in Eraclea in the morning and in Venice in the afternoon, Saturday 28 May in Catene for Marghera’s temporary post. From Saturday, May 21, Don Dal Corso continues, there will also be prayer initiatives and the rosary for the family accompanied by the World Cup icon. Among these, on May 21, is a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Monteortone, on the Euganean Hills.

“I used this opportunity that the universal church gave us – the pastor explains – how precious opportunity to rebuild relationships, to live moments of prayer, sharing and celebration together, look back in the eyes and promote relationships between families and parishes to return to a soul mourning based above all on ties ”. The various meetings include moments of discussion and dialogue in small groups “to understand what is really needed today in the families in our area, what the local church can do to be present in the area through a synergy between pastoral prayers: family, young people, catechesis “. The hope is that families, “even if they are burdened with a thousand responsibilities and tasks, will be more present and valued in the parish communities and in the units of pastoral co-operation”.

“After two years online, we need to pick up the pieces and rebuild the ability to build community. I feel with many people a great desire to meet “, he adds Cristina Loreggia than with her husband Roberto Maurin along with don Dal Corso as a couple. “The world meeting lived in a decentralized way on the territory, within the reach of everyone – claims Cristina -, is a great opportunity to reconnect and walk together in the spirit of the synodal church that the pope hoped for”.

What are the challenges for families today?
“First of all, the challenge of hospitality, to become a family for those who no longer have a family, the ability to be a home with an open door, where those who come in can feel welcome and loved.” Cristina refers primarily to the Ukrainian families, “grandmothers, mothers and children received in my parish by Saints Gervasio and Protasio in Carpenedo, who host a center for the elderly”. Reception, which becomes operational solidarity, support, assistance for their deployment in the territory. But welcome also means“Special attention to children and young people with their strengths and weaknesses and declines and support for the weakest families”. The goal is to create a unique community where everyone, at any age and in any state, can feel at home, accompanied by a family style at all stages of their existence. “

The first of the preparatory meetings, Sunday 8 May, will take place in the area of ​​Cristina, Mestre and Favaro. The leitmotif, the last of the seven catechisms proposed by the lay family and life dicastery and by Rome’s vicarage for reflection in the local churches:

“Permission, thank you, sorry”,

title taken from the trinomial indicated by Pope Francis at the audience on May 13, 2015 as a way of “living well in the family, living in peace”; simple words that, however, contain “the strength to take care of the house, even through a thousand difficulties and trials,” Francis explained. “Three magic words that mark a familiar style. And they should never be taken for granted “, states Cristina. “The Pope,” he continues, “also calls us married to holiness, which is not the glory of glory, but the daily commitment of our families.” Cristina and Roberto have been married for 27 years and have two children aged 18 and 22. “When we look at all the challenges we have encountered on our journey, and on the present ones, we realize that we are not alone. With our strength alone – he admits – we would never have been able to overcome the trials to which we have at times been subjected. thanks to the presence of God in our midst, for us to be spouses in Christ, every gesture, every challenge we face, becomes a step on a path of holiness, not for our merit, but for His grace.

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