‘Excellence of journalism’, Greco awarded in Leuca

LEUCA (LE) – Francesco Greco “the excellent of journalism”. The recognition of the first edition of the “Capo di Leuca International Award”, during a gala evening held at the Messapia Hotel & Resort, an enchanting place in Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce) organized by “Salenteventi” by Antonio De Sabato (President) with the patronage of Castrignano del Capo municipality (represented by Councilor Roberto Calabrese).

“I have received many awards in my career – said the journalist – but this is the most beautiful because it reminds me of my childhood when my mother took me to the sea with the 10 o’clock bus and we bathed in the bathrooms in front of Villa Fuortes .… “.

An evening recorded live by the cameras of Telerama, a Salento broadcaster who recently landed in the northern part of Puglia and Basilicata. The evening was presented by the beautiful and bubbly Luna Fiore, very empathetic and professional at reassuring the prestigious guests.

Between awards and artistic, literary, musical and choreographic performances, the evening slipped away with panache and ease. Recognition of the international volleyball coach born in Specchia (Lecce), Camillo Placì, who has coached Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Qatar and has just made a triple with Bulgaria, remains undefeated in 35 matches. Neurologist of Salento origin (Neviano), but resident of Bologna Rocco Liguori (“Salento is also loved by those who look at it from afar …”), tattoo master Andrea Colaci, Mario dell’Adovo’s “Messapica” from Castrignano del Capo, to the poets Grazio Pellegrini (the poet with the green pen) and Vittorio Buccarello, who in their compositions touch on the themes of the territory, to Matteo Moreo and Katrin Taddeo for martial arts (combat and self-defense), to the singer-songwriter Bruno Orlando (very applauded passages on “Corrida” and “Italia’s Got Talent”), to the publisher of Telerama Paolo Pagliaro, to Vito Nutricati, Salento’s excellences of dry stone walls, an ancient art that the new generations are apt to immortalize it to Fabio Martinucci, from his grandfather’s ice wagon after the war (1950) to a logo scattered throughout Italy.

And again: to harbor pilot Giacomo Pepe and the commander of the motorboat “Alexander”, who in summer takes tourists (up to 175) around Leuca’s coast, Giuseppe Fersino (“The commander is good if the crew is good”), to the leader of ” Messapia “Maurizio Galati and his collaborators: the talented chef Mirko Vigna, the great maitre d’hotel Donato Palma, the kitchen staff, the reception and Gabriele Ponto.

Nourished female representation rewarded: stylist Romina Morciano (born in Zurich) for the fashion and embroidery project (“I dreamed of becoming a seamstress … I dressed the barbies …”), the talented ph Isa Esposito (who writes under the pictures of the service ), dancer Eugenia Curcio, dancer and teacher of Caribbean dances Loredana De Petro, piano teacher Luciana Romano and urologist Serena Maruccia, remotely rewarded for being involved in a conference in the Netherlands: Recognition withdrawn by her sister Mina.

Great feelings for the two friends Manuel De March and Manuel Anniballi from Senigallia (Marche), children with disabilities 15 times world champions (alone and in pairs) in bowls, authors of beautiful pens (over 1500) with the project “I trucioli di Pinocchio” and skilled pizza dancers.

Evening adorned with the choreutic and musical elements of Mihaela Coluccia (beautiful dancer from Notte della Taranta), tambourine, accordion and voice from Francesca Graziani, her father Francesco, Lorenzo Pio and Antonio Trezza with their popular music. Impeccable instruction by Gabriele Graziani for an evening that ended with gadgets for the mothers present (“Without forgetting those who are in heaven”, Luna Fiore) to end with the performance of the champion and world champion in martial arts Antonio De Sabato ( remembers his brother Fabio suddenly died a few years ago), “mind” of an event closed by his well-deserved standing ovation that will remain in Leuca’s history and memory.

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