Electric cars, the best proposals under 35 thousand euros without incentives

The Italian Government regularly awards one fund series dedicated to the renewal of the circulating car fleet, a small tax which, thanks to a very high demand, tends to run out in a very short time. At present, judging from the data reported on the Mise website, no further amounts for pure electric cars are foreseen, and precisely because of this aspect, we have decided to compile a short list of electric cars that are available on a price below 35 thousand euros.

We indicate that we are referring to list price and therefore without the use of any bonuses that may further reduce the purchase cost. Compared to the previous months, there are several new features, but also some consolidations. The 10 electric cars under 35 thousand euros:

Smart EQ fortwo: 20,090 euros

At the top of the list of the cheapest electric cars are the Smart cars, which with their philosophy of extremely compact cars perfectly embody the spirit of the electric city car. The Smart EQs are available in a two- or four-door variant and offer a range of 130 km. Small, agile and with an extreme steering angle: Smart is the ideal solution for urban use and frees yourself in the urban jungle.

  • Power: 60 kW, 82 HP
  • Drums: 17.6 kWh
  • Autonomy: 130 km WLTP

Dacia Spring: 20,100 euros

Dacia Spring

She is almost the cheapest on the market and can go down to just under 10 thousand in case of incentives (and scrapping). A lot of substance and few pretensions, like a real Dacia. The power is limited to 44 horsepower, but the torque of 125 Nm allows a good urban use. L ‘we tried it a few months ago and we appreciated the ease of use and handling. Autonomy can be subdued for intense use, the WLTP cycle is 230 km.

  • Power: 33 kW, 44 hp
  • Drums: 27.4 kWh
  • Autonomy: 220 km WLTP

Renault Twingo E-Tech: 22,200 euros

Originally known as “ZE”, it represents the most compact and economical solution in the French brand’s electrical range. If you’re looking for a handy electric car that you can move around the city with, it can certainly be a valid ally; according to our test, the autonomy is limited to about 160-180 real km, and the propulsion of the electric motor is more appropriate for the type of car. Charging is fast and the equipment on board is surprising.

  • Power: 60 kW, 82 HP
  • Drums: 26.8 kWh
  • Autonomy: 190 km WLTP

Volkswagen e-Up !: 25,850 euros

Despite the years on its shoulders, the small Wolfsburg home (completely similar to the Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii) withstands the competition’s response and still represents an excellent solution for urban use. The electric motor delivers the equivalent of 82 horsepower, which combined with the 37 kWh battery allows a declared autonomy of 180 km in the WLTP cycle. There are numerous basic equipment, ranging from cruise control to Climatronic automatic air conditioning.

  • Power: 60 kW, 82 HP
  • Drums: 37 kWh
  • Autonomy: 260 km WLTP

Fiat 500 electric: 26,500 euros

Fiat 500e

The action version, available in several variants, is the cheapest. Presented in 2020, the Fiat 500e is certainly the compact electric that has aroused the most curiosity among enthusiasts and journalists. The price is attractive and equipped to a high standard. Autonomy, in the base model, is limited to 185 km, but in the richer versions it can go up to 320 km. A couple of months agowe triedif you are curious about our thoughts, our in-depth analysis is available at this address.

  • Power: 43 kW, 58 hp
  • Drums: 28 kWh
  • Autonomy: 185 km WLTP

MG ZS EV: 30,990 euros

Revealed last year, it is without a doubt the cheapest electric crossover on the market. With this model, MG relaunches the brand with the Chinese group SAIC Motor. Available in standard and long-range variants, it provides a maximum autonomy of 320 km in the WLTP cycle (Long Range). Good standard equipment, adorned with full LED headlights and a 10-inch infotainment display.

  • Power: 105 kW, 140 hp
  • Drums: 44.5 kWh
  • Autonomy: 260 km WLTP

Opel Corsa-e: 33,100 euros

Opel Corsa-e

It represents Opel’s first electric since it was acquired by Stellantis; it is characterized by simple lines and perfectly in line with those in the endothermic variant. It is a smart city car, practical and comfortable in almost any context; overall it is an excellent complete solution especially in the city. A few months ago we had the opportunity to use it for a few weeksbelow you can also find our proof.

  • Power: 100 kW, 136 HP
  • Drums: 50 kWh
  • Autonomy: 337 km WLTP

Peugeot e-208: 33,850 euros

Built with the same floor as the Opel Corsa-e, the differences between the two models are primarily aesthetic. The design is sporty and immediately suggests the intentions of the Lion’s House. In the electrified variant, there are three equipment levels available (Active, Allure and GT), which vary depending on the amount of accessories installed.

  • Power: 100 kW, 136 HP
  • Drums: 50 kWh
  • Autonomy: 337 km WLTP

Renault Zoe: 34,450 euros

Known for being one of the best-selling electric cars on the market, Zoe has been on the market since 2013. Over the past year, it has been updated both in terms of aesthetics and propulsion and now supports DC charging. The stated autonomy is 395 km and is available in several configurations and declensions. The lines are soft and sweet, if you are looking for a car with a different design than the usual one, Zoe may be a valid choice.

  • Power: 80 kW, 108 hp
  • Drums: 52 kWh
  • Autonomy: 377 km WLTP

MINI Electric: 34,900 euros

Mini Big Love Days - Varano

It is the first 100% electric from the Mini, and despite the presence of an electric motor, it retains the shapes and dimensions of the endothermic variant. Powered by a 135 kW driveline, it delivers respectable performance and a stated range of 230 km. As with all Mini, the adjustment level is high just like the standard equipment.

  • Power: 135 kW, 184 hp
  • Drums: 32.6 kWh
  • Autonomy: 230 km WLTP

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