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LECCE – Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of May the eighth “extraordinary” edition of “Kids. Festival of Theater and Art for the New Generations “dedicated to the theme” Reconstruction “. the festival’s most exciting events, a window to narrative to be transported with imagination.

On the historical chariots, “Narcissus the first love” by Ilaria Carlucci, “The Dragon in the Center of the Earth” (freely taken from “Il drago Aidar” by Marjane Satrapi) will alternate with Alessandro Lucci and “The Journey of Maria, dRama by the company “with Chiara Saurio and Alice Toscana. At 5 pm, the Palmieri boarding school welcomes you to the presentation of the book “Manù e Miché. The Prince’s Secret ”by Francesco Niccolini (Mondadori). They are the same age, Manù and Michè. But one is the son of the prince, the other his servant. For them, there is no more beautiful game than getting lost in the streets of the big city: they go to the square where they meet acrobats and beggars, they go down the drain and play to challenge each other with the children who live there. . But one night the time for games ends. A dark death is going to shatter their lives in two.

20:30 on the stage of the Paisiello Theater the long awaited “Esterina centovestiti” by Daria Paoletta from Burambò Company, produced with the support of Giallomare Minimal teatro (from 6 years), fresh winner of the Eolo awards for best children’s theater performance. In fifth grade, Lucia struggles with the arrival in the classroom of a new companion who, due to her economic condition and social background, seems denied the opportunity to choose her own life and is therefore marginalized and ridiculed. A tale that fascinates children and adults who recognize themselves in the protagonist of the story because everyone in the class, at least once, met Esterina.

Sunday at 19.00 by the Knos factory’s agreement with Bob (for 8 years), a performance that uses the body as a vehicle and triggers some questions and scenarios that connect fantasies about the unreal, from bestiaries to childhood fantasies, and our presence in reality. What is hiding in the dark places? What does this have to do with us? The creation of Matteo Marchesi (Zebra Productions) was selected for CollaborAction Kids thanks to the monitoring initiated by Antibody Network XL with the call for proposals for the 2020 KIDS section, dedicated to the recognition of the works aimed at the new generations. This weekend (from 13 to 15 at Manifatture Knos), Marchesi will also be conducting “Corpoliberatutti”, a research laboratory for teenagers, in collaboration with the Anticorpi xl network and support from CollaborAction K.

Following the suspension in January, “Kids” offers from April 23 to May 29 five weekends with foreign, Italian and Apulian companies for a rich program of shows for very small, small and large spectators, including theater, dance, circus, new innovative technologies and the languages ​​of the modern scene. Friday the 27th (17th and 19th), Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of May (6.30pm and 8.30pm) in the Augustinian convent, Factory Compagnia Transadriatica – Fondazione Sipario Toscana will conclude the program with six performances of “Hamelin”, inspired by i.a. the fairy tale Pied Piper by the Brothers Grimm with Fabio Tinella, dramaturgy and instruction by Tonio De Nitto. Hamelin is the name of a small town in northern Germany, where legend and reality merged hundreds of years ago. In Hamelin, there is still an absolute ban on playing music in Senzatamburi Street, where even the party parades that arrive there instantly stop all sound. But what happened to Hamelin’s children? Where does reality end and where does fiction begin?

The festival is conceived and organized by Factory Transadriatica Company and Active Principle Theater with support from the Ministry of Culture, Puglia region, Lecce municipality, Puglia Public Theater, Bibliomuseale Polo in Lecce, chain reaction, stories sewn by hand, a project selected by Con children in connection with the Foundation for Combating Youth Education Poverty, in collaboration with BlaBlaBla, Assitej Italia, Network antibodies XL, Knos Producer, Railway Museum of Puglia, Cirknos, Cpk – cycling center.

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