Earthquake, Chianti night in the car. Thirty-six shakes until morning

It was one night with one foot in and one out of the house. Families discuss what to do late at night, families who have decided to sleep in the car, families who have thrown themselves on the bed with their clothes on and the door open to be able to escape quickly. Why nel chianti ‘the tremors made us so scared, but they were not strong enough to get anyone to come and tell you you can not be home. And then we are consumed in uncertainty ‘. It is the story that unites many people, on the border between the municipalities of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Impruneta and Greve in Chianti, about a series of earthquakes – the two strongest tremors at 17.50 and 22.14 – which on Tuesday had their epicenter a small village almost without vocals, Luiano, where Miriam did not want to run away so as not to leave her sick husband, and Francesca spent half a day reassuring the Dutch tourists who lived in one of her farms. There were few calls on the Civil Protection’s telephone lines, but all with the same question: «What should we do? Sleeping at home or out? ». “If the house is undamaged, then do as you feel more secure,” was the response.

In San Martino a Cofferi, this is the name of a village with four houses and a church 600 meters from the epicenter, the only minor damage. Some rubble fell down, on the beds, on the floors, on the shelves, and so onassume fear of the bell tower of the Romanesque church in the thirteenth century. On Tuesday, the mayor, carabinieri and firefighters arrived, making the first inspections and finding cracks on the inside of the twentieth-century facade. Yesterday morning, a more in-depth report reassured: “No structural damage,” but in the meantime, eight people, three families, had been removed from the home as a precautionary measure. “We had to sleep with a friend in Florence, me, my wife and our son – says Fabrizio Fiesoli, whose house is in the shadow of the bell tower – with the shock of the afternoon we jumped out the door and ran. Now they have given us the green light to return, but I think we will stay in Florence for two or three days, for peace of mind. ” A few meters away, CNR physicist Gualtiero Nunzi Conti also had to repair in one of his apartments in Mercatale. His wife Matilde, in a convalescent state, lay in bed under the shock and could not escape: ‘But I’m not afraid, I’m a fatalist – she says – The only one who was really scared was Takahiro », the house dog. On the first floor, in a room, there are still the rubble that was raining down from the ceiling. “I have not been evacuated, but I still slept in the car, I’m not stupid,” says the neighbor, Renzo Bagni, constantly on the phone to recount the deeds of the day: “I wanted to escape, but I was in the shower, as I did? ”

The Mercatale Val di Pesa, the schools are all open, the children are playing in the kindergarten, but many have spent the night in the car. In front of the house, as if one did not want to go too far, or to check that no jackals were coming. Those who were more frightened, as in Impruneta, parked their car in Piazza Bandinelli, a wide gravel road away from the buildings. “We were uncomfortable, four of us in a Latvian, all dressed and with the door open,” says Elga. by Caffè Briciolo in Mercatale while Andrea Faggi was at Ferrone, shows fearlessness to customers in his shop: “I’m 74 years old and the only time I was afraid I was going to fourth grade: the shock moved our desks. This is tickling in comparison. I spent half the night chatting with my wife: “Do as you please, I will stay in bed”, I said to her, “but do not run away on the terrace, because it is not exactly the smartest” “.

Too many though the terror was strong: many people slept in the car from San Casciano to Tavarnuzze, from Mercatale to Impruneta. There are those who went to Prato, to the homes of relatives, who instead had the comfortable solution of the motorhome, as the grandchildren of Impruneta Fernando Folli: «My wife and I, on the other hand, stayed, we have a new house, in reinforced concrete, if this falls, the world will perish». There are those like Claudia on the Passo dei Pecorai who did not run away even during the aftershocks: “I am a caregiver, I could not leave the lady who does not move from the bed. My brother in Tavarnuzze instead spent the night in the car: he was doing military service in Gradisca d’Isonzo and is still in shock after the earthquake in Friuli ». In 1976. Many, including San Casciano Mayor Roberto Ciappi, say they felt one of the two tremors, even while sitting in the car. While his colleague from Impruneta, Alessio Calamandrei, found the wardrobe that had fallen to the ground in his home in Florence: “I do not know if it was the shock …”. Even in the city, the two shocks were frightening, but in Chianti, there were 36 shocks in 24 hours. And yesterday morning, at 7.05, everyone could clearly feel a new one of the order of 2.4. “It was not one of those awful – they say – but in this way the passion never ends”.

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5 May 2022 | 06:54


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