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From April to October an unprecedented program dedicated to children and teenagers. In the north-western part of Milan, the younger generations visit, experience and tell about the territory, the pleasure villas, large parks and waterways. With support from schools, families, cultural actors and volunteers.


May 3, 2022 – It goes fast and adds initiatives and projects e-pic land “Villas of Joy, Parks and Waters: New Perspectives for Northern Milan”. The integrated cultural plan supported by Lombardy and co-financed by the CARIPLO Foundation reaches a new phase of its action plan involving the youngest, their families, teachers, operators and cultural volunteers.

In fact, it is precisely in these weeks that some concrete initiatives have been launched, aimed on the one hand at children in kindergarten and primary school, and at the other hand at high school students. All recipients of a program of initiatives that offer innovative ways to experiment, enrich themselves with knowledge of the world around them, become protagonists in the territory in which they live, play, study and team up.

Through workshops, walks, festivals, theater and music, e-pic land in fact, it aims to promote fun forms of participation in the cultural and social life of society and, with the involvement of the youngest – ideal soul and interpreters, proposes a new narrative about territories.

In numbers, the involvement will involve 120 children in kindergarten and 250 in primary school, 250 high school students, 70 teachers.

Orso Artoo and the school-work exchange

Two organizations are working on the project e-pic land: it is Socio-cultural cooperatives Alchemilla and Stripes. They share the same goal, despite the diversity of the public – children aged 3 to 8 and children aged 9 to 18 – and aim to promote awareness of Villa Arconati-FAR, the rural village of Castellazzo di Bollate and the extensive green space in Groane Park.

Especially with ‘Artoo – art told by children for Ville di Delizia, Parks and Waters’, Alchemilla finds in the small breeding grounds to tell and re-read art. Children in kindergartens and primary schools discover Villa Arconati-FAR together with families and teachers. With them is Artoo, a big fat bear who does not understand many things in life; for this he asks for help from the little ones because he knows they have a sensitivity and a look that is able to give accurate and surprising answers. Girls and boys meet works of art, read them, reinterpret them, become authors of new cultural content, which thanks to new technologies can be re-imagined to other children.

Elisa Rota, educator and trainer, responsible for external relations, emphasizes: “Alchemilla with the Artoo project wants to change the perception of the social role of children who, through play, can recognize themselves and be recognized as cultural writers and co-authors. Of policies relating to them “.

Alchemilla’s action plan also includes training sessions for teachers and operators.

The second phase of the project is about involving high school students. In fact, they started in recent days and will continue over the next many months Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (PCTO) courses organized by the Stripes Cooperative and aimed at colleges in the areas of Bollate, Rho and Garbagnate.
“These are educational and cultural heritage projects aimed at discovering the landscape and redesigning the content,” explains Dafne Guida, educator, chairman and general manager of the Stripes coop. “The proposal is oriented towards a collaboration between schools and the territory: By opening their doors, the schools act as a driving force and driving force that is able to make resources available and be the main figures in the co-construction of the culture in an area. The groups of students, supported by educators and professional operators, will work on the design of paper and multimedia materials, communication products and the co-design of animation activities to enhance Villa Arconati-FAR and its park. The results will be presented in the public moments anticipated by the programming of e-pic landstarting from the spring festival in June “.

Who I am

Alchemilla, a non-profit social cooperative, carries out social innovation projects aimed at children and minors through the use of performing arts and new digital technologies. Since its inception, Alchemilla has been a regular supplier and consultant to the CARIPLO Foundation, the Municipality of Milan and the Catholic University. Elisa Rota educator and trainer is vice president of Confcooperative Milano with responsibility for innovation and deals with training and relationships with schools and universities. www.alchemillalab.it

STRIBER, non-profit cooperative, a dynamic and creative female social enterprise, brings together about 650 members. It is oriented towards the planning and management of services within the socio-pedagogical and pedagogical areas of the public and private sector. In recent years, Stripes has specialized in a variety of fronts, including community and project management, cultural welfare, environmental sustainability and technological innovation combined with educational practices. www.pedagogia.it/stripes/

The territory, the project, the PICs

Project locations e-pic land “Villas of joy, parks and waters: new perspectives for northern Milan” are those in the northwest of Milan and house 300 thousand inhabitants in 16 cities: they meander between the Villoresi canal and the Olona river, cross Groane and Brughiera Briantea Park and house three important Ville di Delizia: Villa Arconati-FAR, in Castellazzo of Bollate, Villa Burba in Rho and Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta in Lainate. They represent a kaleidoscopic chart that tells about nature, art, history, culture, leisure and recreation: stories that children and young people in this phase of the plan can reinterpret in their own way and taste.
The project e-pic land is promoted by a partnership which, in addition to the Augusto Rancilio Foundation – FAR, is part of public and private bodies: Fondazione Milano-Civic Schools of Milano, City of Bollate, Parco delle Groane and Brughiera Briantea, and the social cooperatives ONLUS Alchemilla and Striber . It is part of the strategic plan for the capital city of Milan in one of the areas with the highest concentration of historical and strategic interest and in great transformation: Mind Innovation District, a place where it will be possible to experiment with new ways of working, doing research, abitare, to be together for the sake of sustainability built next to the Ville di Delizia, a banner of art and historical memory.
e-pic landas a whole, it provides robust experimentation that can be translated into useful design models that favor replicability and sustainability.

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