DS 4 Pure Tech 180, balance between design and technology – The Test by ANSA Motori

A tradition that started a long time ago, that is, since 1955 the Italian Flaminio Bertoni surprised the whole world by signing the futuristic design of the Citroën DS. Since then, after the acronym was promoted to brand status with the birth of DS Automobiles, each new model has linked the DS name to unexplored aesthetic horizons, showing an exuberant and creative beyond the usual. The uniqueness of the experience with the DS 4 therefore begins at the moment when its forms from standstill are ‘read’ and valued aesthetically. The car impresses not only with its style but also with its proportions. Despite being 4.5 meters long and 1.47 high, the DS 4 stands out from the other C-segment by playing an almost unprecedented role as a ‘crossover coupe’ thanks to its 1.83-meter width. wide track and large wheels, with rims reaching up to 20 inches.

There are many elements that talk about the modernity of the DS 4, starting – but it must be night – from the personal headlight signature, with the two LED ‘whiskers’ framing the front and making it look (when it seen in the mirror) a UFO is approaching. The refined DS Matrix Led Vision projectors also stand out, combining matrix and directional light for a total of 98 LEDs. The test of the DS 4 in the 180 Hp petrol version begins with looking at the car from the side: The profile is sculptural, typical of the brand’s DNA and emphasized in its linearity by the high-tech pull-out handles. It should also be remembered that DS 4 uses a development of PSA’s EMP2 platform, which – thanks to the introduction of new parts in composite materials, hot-stamped construction parts and more compact elements – has freed up more space for the cabin and has therefore enabled an efficient design of the interior.
As soon as the 4-cylinder Pure Tech (whose sound button can be felt) is started, it turns out that moving on board the DS 4 is always an experience outside the norm, almost ‘first class’. In addition to the functionality of the controls and the fluidity of the standard 8-speed automatic transmission, the comfort and personality of the furniture elements and even the presence of secondary controls are appreciated, which – contrary to the trend – are still ‘physical’ and require only little ‘training to be quickly identified. Its ‘grand luxe’ diamond finish is appreciated, a motif reminiscent of fashion in French luxury jewelery and watchmaking.
But there is no shortage of ADAS and electronics for the driver’s service, such as the Extended Head Up Display, which offers a first step towards augmented reality with projection in front of the driver of essential information – such as speed, driving aids, navigation and warning messages. Or again as Iris System infotainment, completely redesigned to incorporate ergonomics from a smartphone.
Driving in DS 4 Pure Tech 180 is also appreciated the presence with a surcharge of 1,000 euros of Active Scan Suspension technology, available in some versions, which uses a high-speed camera to ‘see’ and anticipate irregularities on the road and sends data to a computer that acts on each of the wheels independently makes the response stiffer or more flexible.
Correctly, the premium brand Stellantis gives the buyers of DS 4 the opportunity to choose from all the motorization solutions, traditional and others. In addition to the 180 HP 1.6 PureTech petrol engine that is the subject of our test, the car can be ordered with a 1.5 PureTech 130 HP 3-cylinder variant with the excellent BlueHDi 130 diesel unit to get to the refined plug-in hybrid. , DS 4 E-Tense 225, which is the synthesis of the know-how refined by DS Performance in the conquest of its four world titles (drivers and teams) won in Formula E.
This latest version of 225 HP is at the top in terms of fuel consumption and approved emissions – 1.3 liters / 100 km and 29 g / km CO2 in the combined WLTP cycle also due to the presence of the 12.4 kWh battery , which can also be recharged from electrical outlets, domestic, allowing up to 55 km electrical range (WLTP). With DS 4 PureTech 180, which has 180 Hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, which allows you to shoot from 0 to 100 in 8.9 seconds and – in the absence of limits – to touch a peak of 240 km / h , all with approved consumption of 8.4-7.4 liters per. 100 km and CO2 emissions between 145.5 and 165.5 g / km.
Many, until April 30, offer to access the world of DS 4.

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