Different but compatible interior styles and designs: which can be combined (and which can not)

S.Can I combine different styles of furniture and design types to decorate their home? Yes, but only if you do it with compatible items, colors and furniture. To give your home a touch of originality and harmony as a true interior designer.

When it comes to decorating your home, for the first time or for a restyling, the question that arises is just one: in what interior design styles to do it? And this is where, first and foremost, a whole range of different factors come into play personal taste (their own, but also that of the partner or partner) and that it is not said that they are similar or limited to a single type.

Fortunately, however, no one has ever said that in order to decorate your home in a harmonious and beautiful way, you only need to choose from objects or colors in a single style or design. Yes, the beautiful and fun of furnishing e.g. gives new shape and color to environments, is precisely to be able to play with the imagination, mix accessories of different influences and create completely unique and original spaces. Of course, by choosing “correct” combinations, compatible and which do not collide with each other. So here’s how and what “can be done” to a home with a great look.

Classic or modern? Both, but in style

One of the biggest doubts when it comes to interior design styles concerns the possibility of combine two opposite moods, as the classic and the modern. The answer is yes! A bit like clothes, even opposite colors can go perfectly, that’s enough know how to calibrate them well.

If you want to choose a classic furniture style, but without giving up modernity, then it is advisable to do so according to some guidelines simple precautions:

  • make the prevailing interior design style (s) clearly visible by adding just a few different design details and possibly that it has its own homogeneity (not too many pieces of different style then);
  • do pay attention to the dimensions and the size of the objects. First and foremost to give the right air to the environment and then to create a physical and visual detachment between the modern and the antique design (for example, a wooden piece of furniture or a rounded chest of drawers and a lamp in a modern style);
  • mix a few colors together (max. five), with respect for a harmonious color palette. And this is especially true of antique wooden floors or furniture, which often have very different colors and therefore should not be combined together;
  • gives value to the “piece”. If you want to place an antique piece of furniture in a living room with a modern design, it is good to give it the right meaning, let it stand out from the rest, perhaps with beautiful lighting;
  • modification of the intended use with originality. After all, even if furniture is antique, it must have its functionality. For this reason, nothing prevents you from transforming a 19th-century sideboard into a stunning bookcase that adds a retro touch to your modern environments.

Minimalism and baroque, one of the smartest interior design styles

For those with a minimalist soul, the choice of the right interior design styles for their home is quite obvious. The important thing is that they are simple, clean, and with (few) functional objects or accessories. But nothing prevents you from choosing gods pieces with an old tasteto be repainted with the colors from thereeitmotiv to your interior design style or even why not, let them be original. Like element of detachment in the environment.

If the predominant color in your home is white and the lines are clean and minimal, then go for gods pieces reminiscent of the baroque style of furniture, the exact opposite of the main motif on your furniture, such as mirrors, chairs, an armchair or chest of drawers, a chandelier, etc. From dose with extreme frugality (one or two is enough). Guarantees your home the touch of originality and diversity that is able to make it completely unique and yours alone. But not only.

Modern interior design styles and saved items

Another combination that never collides and gives personality to the surroundings is what mixes the style of the furniture modern and contemporarywith design objects with a nostalgic soul and timeless. Pieces of restoration from previous years, but which return to the main character and in perfect balance with the mood you have chosen for your rooms.

The classic industrial lamps, vintage sartorial mannequins, 1950s chairs for the kitchen are perfect. But also objects from other times used as knick-knacks, from pedal sewing machines to cast iron. Everything is valid when it comes to giving personality to your heart environments. Provided you always follow one red thread between the different elements and the different epochs from which they come.

Wood, wood and more … no, better not to overdo it!

If wood is your passion, it is clear that everything in your home will have just this as its main material. However, be careful not to overdo it with colors and types. If, for example, you have wooden floors and therefore a predominant color, it is good to choose accessories and an interior design style that does not differ too much from the wood used for the parquet.

If your passion is solid wood furniture, perhaps left a little rustic, there is no need to combine it with laminates or coated wood. The same goes for the colors. Better do not combine too many woods in different colorslight, dark, reddish, etc. Because they would weigh down your home’s interior design style, creating confusion and a very small aesthetic visual effect.

If you like everything, do not wear everything, choose!

Ok, it often happens that you do not have the ideal interior design style for your home in mind. You like the idea of ​​being minimal, but you also love shabby chic decor accessories. The ethnic makes you crazy, but so does the furniture of the eighteenth century. very good, you have very broad taste. But when it comes to furniture, you have to make a choice or at least a skimming.

By selecting a dominant motif and two, maximum three design styles for the complements. Mix them carefully, in shapes and colors. And that in a harmonious way. Ethnic and classic style do not fit very well together. As well as the cozy style with ultra-technological pieces.

Of course, there are no limits to creativity, but it’s good to always have one sure good taste. First so as not to risk getting bored or giving a sense of chaos, for the environment but also for you. Second, living in a home that conveys harmony (and it pleases) is the best way to be peaceful both within the four walls of the home and within yourself. Green light for your imagination, therefore, and for your interior design spirit. But always with style and lots of originality.

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