Design for pets: dog and cat kennels to be exhibited

When you select dog or cat bedas well as assessing the correct size and the correct location in the house that allows the furry friend comfort to royaltywe must not forget that it – like a piece of furniture or a sofa – must fit nicely into the environment, captures finishes and colors or contrasts with them in a pleasant way.

If the welfare of the animal is always to be given priority, a kennel beautiful – as well as pleasant and welcoming – it can remain visible in the living room and satisfy our aesthetic senseprovided it is chosen with care.

Sizes, comfort, aesthetics are not the only factors to be considered. It is also very important that it is durable and easy to clean.

A useful tip is to consider choosing one temporary kennel, especially when the animal is a puppy, not so much because as it grows it may no longer be sufficient in size (in advance, not if you are always fully aware of the exact size you need), but also because a young dog and cat could also ruin it, nibble it a little or ruin it. For the passport version, therefore, it may be convenient to choose a cheaper and more durable model. However, at a later stage, when the dog’s or cat’s nature and habits are better known, the right kennel can be assessed with full knowledge of the facts.

Dog kennels

dog kennel cover pure organic cotton fabric double face pillow henri 2.8 design for dogs

Henri by 2.8 design

Pure organic cotton with a comfortable grainy texture to cover the Henri bed with 2.8 designs for dogs that welcome our puppy during sleep. Inside it is equipped with a double face pillow, with one side in soft and warm bouclé wool and the other in cotton. The upholstery is made of anti-parasitic material, the bottom is coated with anti-slip. It comes in four sizes for dogs of all sizes. The smallest measures L 60 x D 40 cm. Price 324 euros. The leaf-shaped game Mimmo is made of Bouclé wool and is equipped with a sound Squeak sewn inside, measuring L 26 x H 33 cm, price 27 euros.

multipurpose dog farm polyethylene green pancuccia united pets

United Pets Pancuccia

Multifunctional and practical Pancuccia from United Pets, the dog house is completely made of green polyethylene, which makes it ironic and fun, it is also resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. The seat surface is decorated with a capitonné motif inspired by classic seats. The inner two-tone pillow makes it cozy and comfortable. Dimensions L 58.5 x W 39 x H 45 cm. Price 240 euros.

kennel mini sofa asymmetrical upholstery beige linen fabric structure light wood dumper foam

Sklum dumper

The mini sofa, upholstered in beige linen, Dumper from Sklum is perfect for small dogs. The light natural wood structure makes it solid and stable. The sofa has an asymmetrical shape, which makes it extra comfortable. It is also available upholstered in green or pink velvet. Dimensions L 72.5 x W 43 x H 28 cm. Price 69.95 euros.

stuffed dog pillow gray quilted cover washable non-slip underside hamur beliani

Beliani mode

The padded Hamur pillow from Beliani allows even large dogs to lie down comfortably. It is lined with a gray quilted lining that allows it to fit into any decor; can be easily washed in the washing machine. The non-slip underside reduces the risk of slipping and makes it stable. Dimensions L 90 x D 70 x H 10 cm. Price 69.99 euros.

The gray sun lounger basket (96449895) from Bonprix is ​​specially designed for the house puppy and can also be placed on the terrace or in the garden.  The adjustable canopy will protect the dog from the sun's rays, while the swivel shelf allows you to always have the water bowl available.  Dimensions L 66 x D 75 x H 95 cm.  Price 169.99 euros.

gray deck chair (96449895) from Bonprix

The gray sun lounger basket (96449895) from Bonprix is ​​specially designed for the house puppy and can also be placed on the terrace or in the garden. The adjustable canopy will protect the dog from the sun’s rays, while the swivel shelf allows you to always have the water bowl available. Dimensions L 66 x D 75 x H 95 cm. Price 169.99 euros.

Cats beds

cat basket natural rattan structure-pillow-fabric-black-katasan-home

Catasan by CASA Italia

The basket with an enclosing Catasan shape from CASA Italia is completely made of natural rattan. The soft inner cushion covered in black fabric guarantees perfect relaxation for our cat and highlights the execution of the structure when it is not there. Dimensions L 47 x W 44 x H 49 cm. Price 69 euros.

cat kennel shelf solid oak cushion microfiber brown throne brand design

Throne of Brandodesign

The suspended Trono shelf from Brandodesign has an unusual shape that will also please the house’s cats a lot: It is made of solid oak with a scratch-resistant oil finish, which guarantees high resistance. It is equipped with a satin stainless steel support to anchor it firmly to the wall. The side rails with an enclosing line welcome the Prato cushion upholstered in brown microfiber. Dimensions L 63 x D 24 cm. Price 260 euros.

cat bed plastic material breathable quilted pillow pasha bama

Pasha of Bama

A soft quilted pillow completes the Pasha di Bama crib made of plastic material with a woven look, available in anthracite and taupe colors, making it resistant and easy to clean. It is equipped with a breathable base to ensure a comfortable and healthy rest. Dimensions L 48 x W 46 x H 11 cm. Price 19.90 euros.

kennel dog cat maisons du monde

The cat puff from Maisons du Monde is shaped like a soft donut and is made of soft black polyester with a soft and hairy look: your cat will sink into it and take long naps! It is complemented by a small white pillow with the black Home Sweet Home letter. Dimensions L 50 x D 20 x H 20 cm. Price 29.99 euros.

cat basket nest shape seagrass white cotton pillow 8335 zara home

Basket (ref 8335/049) from Zara Home

The basket (ref 8335/049) from Zara Home has the shape of an inviting nest made entirely of seagrass intertwined on an iron structure; inside there is a pillow upholstered in white cotton, which increases its comfort. The pleasant rustic look means that it can be combined with both classic and modern decor. Dimensions L 43 x D 23 x H 40 cm. Price 49.99 euros.

Decorative bowls for cats and dogs

bowl container croquettes red glazed stoneware le creuset

Container for Le Creuset croquettes

The characteristic red glazed stoneware, with a guarantee for 10 years, for the bowl and container for Le Creuset croquettes that can be left open in the kitchen. The bowl, which is available in two sizes, has a wide bottom which makes it stable and prevents tipping over; the superior quality protective finish resists nicks and scratches and makes it easy to clean. Measures Ø 18 cm, price 28 euros. The coordinated kibble container equipped with a dispenser measures Ø 12.6 x H 19 cm. Price 62 euros.

blue acrylic hexagonal bowl sleigh mario luca giusti

Kane by Mario Luca Giusti

An intense blue color for Mario Luca Giusti’s Kane hexagonal bowl that looks like a gemstone: it is completely made of acrylic material, which makes it resistant and easy to clean. It is available in four color variants to be perfectly integrated into any environment. Dimensions L 30 x W 26 x H 8.5 cm. Price 68 euros.

Kennels for pets

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