Decor: a book explains how to make the home more inviting

Feel good in your own home. It is a theme that should always be a priorityinterior design, but which has become even more topical in recent months as we experience spending more and more time in our homes. Everyone wants to make small changes to make them more beautiful or more functional: to transform the house into a personal nest where you can feel good, protected, safe, Order Feel good in your home just posted by Corbaccio and for sale online for 26 euros.

On the more than 240 pages that make up the manual, the author and Frida Ramsted (creator of the most important Swedish blog on interior design, accompanies readers in a guide organized in a technical and precise way, designed to solve a number of topics that are common to all homes, with general rules and tricks within everyone’s reach, regardless of personal taste and style. Because you can change your home with small adjustments, without buying new things and without necessarily having to remove what you have. Here are 10 original tricks that we have selected while reviewing the book.

10 easy tricks device for putting into practice

The camera

Before starting to decorate the house or paint, it is useful to look at our home with different eyes. To do this, use the phone’s camera: you will see more than the eye can see. And it becomes clearer what needs to be moved, changed, changed.

The trick of the artwork

The simplest thing when you want to change the mood of an environment is to paint the walls. But you need to be aware of the color combinations and you need to choose a palette. To find the inspiration for the colors to play with, simply take a cue from a work of art that we like: the artist has already chosen the combinations for us.

The visual axes

Whether you have chosen to color the house or to use wallpaper, keep in mind which rooms are seen at the same time and prospects. Order and rhythm are essential to creating a harmonious home, even if the focus is on contrasts. The trick for beginners? Select ton sour ton.

A beautiful lighting

The light changes after the hours. And we need it more or less depending on what we have to do. The rules in this area are many, but the advice is to choose light that allows you to do so adjust and adjust the intensity of the bulbs via dimmer or remote control, in order to vary the intensity as desired. And always prefer warm light.


Replace the house completely. It could be the idea of ​​how to arrange the vases on a piece of furniture, the heart objects on the coffee table in the living room or the books in the bookshelf: each corner should be designed like a small set.

Hanging the pictures

There are dozens of patterns to be inspired by. And practicing the trick works “Cut and paste”: cut out the different frames with paper and then try the compositions with scotch tape on the wall. It becomes very easy to understand the overall effect

Furniture with plants

Play with shapes, heights and sizes: Add something green and in an instant you will see an incredible change. In addition, it serves to purify the air.


Kitchen and bathroom, even without demolition, can be modernized. In the kitchen you can repaint the doors, change the handles, add a nice runner. In the bathroom you can bet on a large mirrortiles can be repainted, and a large, off-scale chandelier can add a decor note.


The old furniture may still be usable, that’s enough move them, turn them over, repaint them, reupholster them to find out how much they can change. Let each move settle for one day so you can see if it works: First, you almost never like it.

Deceive or strengthen the eye

There are a thousand tricks to make each room visually better: for example, paint a wall with a color that is suitable to highlight a piece of furniture you like, or vice versa to make it less impressive. Or be sure of the proportions of a room by choosing the right floor. Not to mention the solutions to making a room seem bigger.

Opening photo Rodrigo Simaues Cardoso – Arkstudio Project


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