Covid vaccines and scientific evidence: the dramatic Speranza – Covid emergency response revealed in Parliament

In the deafening silence of the media, which for more than two years was enslaved to the only thought, a truly unique conference was held in the hall last Friday, May 6th.

Arranged by the Honorable Francesco Sapia (Health Commission) from the Alternative Party and by CMSi, the independent medical scientific commission (which has always requested an answer without discussion with the Technical Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health), the conference. represents a stone milestone in the new phase of the debate on Covid, on the effectiveness of vaccines, on the ‘green passport’, on negative side effects, on the management of the pandemic.

The conference entitled “Vaccination for the prevention of Sars-CoV2 infection, for the cured and for children: what does the scientific evidence say today?”, Actually begins the third phase of the analysis and synthesis process in the debate on the management of the pandemic, thanks to the combination of three “new” intermediate variables.

The first news factor is certainly represented by the participation in the conference by all the parliamentary representatives of the political groups present both in the majority and in the opposition, who with different sensitivity and different “responsibility to defend” expressed critical questions about. how it is in Italy, pandemic emergency was “controlled”.

Also present externally MEP Rosa D’Amato, who condemned the European Parliament’s dramatic decision to extend the green certification by one year: a substantial and symbolic vote, although still to be approved by the Council, and that any European state will accept, as always, in its own way.

The eloquent absence of PD, Leu and IV stands out.

The second crucial factor is certainly the availability today of advanced studies, accredited at international scientific level, on the “real effectiveness of vaccines”, on the risk-benefit assessment, on the state of pharmacovigilance, albeit passive, on unwanted side effects related to serum both mRNA and EMA approved adenoviruses, on the current “variants”, on the increasingly inferior immune responses to new re-infections of humans exposed to more doses than the natural immunities developed by the unvaccinated.

They are not conspiracy theories or hypotheses.

These are studies conducted in Israel, Sweden, Great Britain, USA with active monitoring in the short and medium term, published by the most prestigious scientific journals in the world, such as Lancet and Nature, brilliantly illustrated with slides by presenters Marco Cosentino, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Insubria, Alberto Donzelli, specialist in hygiene and preventive medicine and Eugenio Serravalle, specialist in pediatrics and chairman of the Association for Health Studies and Information.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of pages of Pfizer documentation have been published, which not only confirm the results of the surveys, but offer a more pessimistic and dramatic panorama, if possible:

-Pfizer only knew of the existence of 42086 side effects until February 28, 2021, of which 1223 were fatal.

– Actual vaccine efficacy: 12%.

Pfizer knew that the vaccine could harm the baby if given during pregnancy.

A far worse situation than the so-called conspiracy theorists feared.

It is clear from the work of the conference that:

– The protection provided by anti-covid sera decreases over time and with additional booster doses until it becomes negative: people admitted to intensive care and even fatal outcomes are vaccinated mainly with the third and fourth dose;

– Natural immunity lasts over time and protects more: it is therefore absurd to force the healthy to be vaccinated.

– The absolute contraindication of vaccination to children and adolescents is even more clear.

A US study shows how induced immune systems in children decline within a few weeks, while the chances of a child developing a severe and fatal form due to Covid are statistically negligible.

In adolescents, there is an additional problem.

Data on adverse reactions, although underestimated due to the absence of active monitoring, with cardiovascular problems, especially in men, show that the risks in the short and medium term are far more important than the potential benefits.

Against the background of this increasingly epidemiologically significant scientific evidence, media terrorism, which has dominated the media for more than two years and continues to fear new variants, is new epidemics (Speranza will collaborate with Fauci for the new “for the new pandemics” hub in Siena) , “need” a fourth dose.

In the “background” there is discrimination against workers who have not been vaccinated or without a third dose, the vaccination obligation for those over 50, the vaccination obligation for health workers throughout 2022, teachers who have returned to school but are locked up. in a closet, unvaccinated children removed from birthday parties, young athletes with shortness of breath myocarditis, sudden illness, total confusion and cognitive dissonance about the use, recommendation and commitment of masks indoors.

The meeting was organized and moderated by the Honorable Francesco Sapia from Alternativa, who recently presented two questions with written answers addressed to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, asking for the opening of an inquiry into the sudden deaths of healthy young people (in Calabria). 40 sudden deaths in 5 days), obtain medical records, and meanwhile continue to immediately suspend vaccinations as a precautionary measure.

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