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The 4,000 vacancies in Palazzo Marino’s summer camps are already sold out. The alternatives: MilanoSport courses and weeks by the sea, in the mountains or by the lake. And Veneranda Fabbrica is also launching a project in the Duomo

Schools closed for three months, however, children at home and parents are still at work. Graduation around the corner and among the hot topics in the family and in class chats are there choice of summer camp or other activities for the little ones to participate in. A theme that primarily concerns the interval 6-13 years, as the school year for kindergartens ends on 30 June. A booking rush occurs every year. And on time there was also this year: they are all already sold out the four thousand vacant seats in the municipal summer centers, which is held at forty schools, distributed among the town halls. This is the cheapest offer ever: depending on ice they range from 8 euros to 196 euros for two weeks. Registration opened on March 24 and will never be reopened. Last year, to fill the 4 thousand seats, there were late registration windows in May, this year suspended. On Palazzo Marino’s website, on the other hand, there is already a ranking of those admitted, the others must look elsewhere. It should also be noted that in the school buildings affected by the referendum on June 12, the start is shot to June 15.

The alternatives: sports and colonies

But the public offering of summer activities offers two other options: the sports campuses in MilanoSport and stays by the lake, in the mountains and by the sea in municipal holiday homes. There are five locations on Milanosports campuses: the sports center Iseo and Afforithat Lido in San Siro, Procida Sports Center and Maspes Vigorelli Velodrome in Citylife, Saini in Forlanini area. If you book before May 18, the fee will drop from 175 to 156 euros per week. The holidays proposed by the municipality and Ghiffa (Verbania) on Lake Maggiore, Vacciago (Novara) on Lake Orta, Bardonecchiain the upper Val di Susa e Marina di Massa in Tuscany – they last 10 days. Also in this case, they range from free for Isee up to 3 thousand euros to a maximum of 375 euros for the entire duration (435 euros for non-residents).

Speakers’ proposals

With the end of the school activities also start again in the diocese’s everyday speechesthis year focused on the theme of emotions (titled BattiCuore). In 2021, 100,000 young people were visited, but in previous years there were also 400,000. In addition to the municipality and oratorios, there is a very rich supply in the city summer campus comes from the cultural world. First and foremost from the museums: they propose, among other things, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Archaeological Museum, Sforzesco Castle, the Aquarium. Worth mentioning is the Muba campus, which costs only 85 euros instead of 170 per week, thanks to the contribution of the Comunit Milano Foundation. Also interesting campus for the Museo del Novecentodesigned instead of children aged 11 to 15. Staying in the cultural sphere, the campus for Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, which makes children from 6 to 14 experience the atmosphere of the musical theater’s crafts. For those who prefer outdoor activities, there is instead the summer weeks at Bosco in Citt, in North Park, at Mulino dell’Abbazia di Chiaravalle. Or those at Mysterious Baths (but here the price of 350 euros per week) and Acquatica Park. Sports campus promoted by Statale and Cus Milano at Idroscalo then Milan and Inter camps. Finally robots and coding at Mind and the Meet Center.

Debut at Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

This summer even The Duomo wants the summer centerfor the first time in seven centuries. From 13 June to 22 July, children from 6 to 11 years will be able to experience theme weeks: Immersarte, A tutto Steam and Traveling through time. But do not be fooled by the names: all activities lead to the Duomo and its history. In the artistic week, for example, you will try to make a sculpture (the cathedral has 3,400), and you will know the voice of the monumental organ. In the one dedicated to science, we will play with the balance of Gothic architecture and discover the measurement of time with the sundial. Workshops, experiments, game visits to be based on the Duomo Museum, but they will also be held on the Terraces, in the archive, in the archeological site, throughout the complex. The packed lunch, on the other hand, will be in the garden of the Church of San Gottardo. We offer many visits for families and occasionally there were requests for summer camps. In recent summers we had started to suggest afternoon visits, but people were looking for a formula for the whole day – he says Elisa MantiaVeneranda Cultural Coordinator Fabbrica – We can not wait to leave: we want to make the museum more active and vibrant and then make the Duomo, its beauties, its protection and improvement known.

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