Consult culture, many suggestions to bring the city out of the darkness

Many arrived at the theater by the Strait in the Rtv studios, summoned by the entrepreneur Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo. A call to revive the city and above all to bring it back to life through culture. So here Lamberti Castronuovo has decided to set up a press group, free, or a cultural council to bring advanced ideas and initiatives to the benefit of the city.

The theater by the Strait is crammed, and those who arrive accept the “rules of the game,” that is, each intervention lasts five minutes, and no complaints, controversies, or allegations can be made. Only suggestion, to really change this city, which “is in crisis, is in the dark – as Lamberti says – and we have to turn on the light”.

39 interventions timed by a perfect system. “Everyone was able to speak” – says Council spokesman Lamberti Castronuovo, and “love of the city, cohesion and common sense” emerged. Now we move on to phase two. “The one who will communicate to the Presidency of the Republic and the Council of Ministers, to all national and regional parliamentarians, city and municipal mayors, all formal requests voted and approved by the people of Reggio, accompanied by a brief justification”.

Fourteen proposals were made, beginning with that of reviving theaters. “From the presence of no less than six theaters in the city in addition to the Cilea Theater, we have moved on to closure and / or conversion, without the restriction of the destination being placed by the local superintendent. Two of the traditionally identifying theaters. Margherita and Syracuse, were transformed into commercial activities.Consulta, through its lawyers, has requested access to the documents.We will request return to the public in all closed or changed theaters.

And what about the gazebos in the urban area?

“The city is full of gazebos with questionable craftsmanship, ugly, ugly and above all not in accordance with the safety regulations, both in the traffic law and the police. public consultation-2of fire and Nas. Narrow streets to the limit of decency, concrete blocks as a fleeting shelter for the unfortunate who were to occupy the squares inside these gazebos. Alternatively, traders should be offered the opportunity to occupy small elegant structures, the result of surveys and / or an idea competition, along the entire seafront from the port to the temple to create the “ice road” of Reggio Calabria with comfortable seats sitting for customers. Immediate revocation of permits to use public spaces is called for.

The Council again addressed the issue of the port: “it should become a tourist port given the atavistic inactivity of the commercial part and the need to provide a safe port on the way to Greece and the Aeolian Islands. The proposal approved is closed with the request to name the port structure after San Paolo. The municipality is requested to take measures in this sense “.

The consultation must also work for the production of identity theater works. “Until the end of the mandate, the municipality can arrange master classes for pupils, teachers and citizens, in schools, in the special rooms arranged for summer evenings outdoors, during patron feasts and in the theater; sector that speaks of the true artistic and cultural history of Calabria and Reggio in all historical periods, and resumes and exalts it from the morning of civilization to today., told in the history books where we studied, where a thousand fusiliers, not camouflaged but dressed in red, overthrow an army of over 30,000 Bourbon soldiers equipped with artillery and massacres and raids carried out in the territories of the south, these have also never been reported in our history books! I point to Enrico Fagnano, Gigi Di Fiore and Valentino Romano as researchers in the sector who are able to exhibit their studies and are accessible. approves the staging of theater performances in schools, in the special rooms designed for outdoor summer evenings, during protection parties and in the theater.

It is still necessary to improve the Aragonese castle: “we propose a relaunch of the negotiated programming tools under the Cultural Heritage Code. That is, a programming of these initiatives, improvement activities carried out in cooperation with all stakeholders close to specific problems in the area: local authorities, economic actors, cultural associations and citizens, giving shape to a joint project aimed at achieving effective and efficient results in terms of both property improvement and tourism (increase in the influx of visitors / tourists).

The Francesco Cilea Conservatory “will be the focal point of the city’s cultural revival. Music and therefore teaching and listening should be” brought “to all schools at all levels, but entrusted to the conservatory’s teachers, who have not only the necessary and indispensable skills but also artistic and human sensitivity.

To suggest visitors and tourists in our city an exciting way to see and learn about the places, the symbols, the unique phenomena in the area Scilla Strait and Cariddi, the topicality of the myths, the coastal landscape and the annotated narrative of the verse reference in the Odyssey.

In the city, there has for many years been a proposal from the Capital City Council for Mental Health in bureaucracy and apathy in the big city. Proposals that would give substance to constitutional principles such as: equality, freedom, human and social solidarity, in this period where inequalities favor distances that make people who show mental fragility worthless. Where health care is devoid of services that identify the reality of need, even though the needs are very extensive.

It is not possible to live on abstract rights, as diverse as those we currently live in. Rights are indivisible, civil or political rights can not be recognized and social denied.

The Cultural Council also proposed “the naming of Piazza Indipendenza after Giovan Battista Mori, who transformed the medieval city with a city plan in 1783, giving it its current structural appearance. As well as proposing to name the lower one via the marina after the rebuilding mayor Giuseppe Valentino”.

Among the proposals is also one about breaking down architectural barriers and introducing bilingualism in schools with the introduction of Greek Calabria. It is also urgent to “restore the statues in via the marina of” Rabarama with the construction of a fence that prevents access. The collaboration between Reggio art schools is useful “and to replace the anonymous plants in the ancient identity site of the Reggio Fountain.

The hearing expressed with great determination the impossibility of the works advertised in Piazza De Nava. It was adopted “unanimously to create a human chain around the square where the work was to begin. With serenity but firmness”.

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