“Can you cycle?”, At the MANN graphic design exhibition Events in Naples

On the occasion of European Mobility Week and as part of the Napoli Bike Festival, the Goethe-Institut Naples presents, in agreement with MANN and Bicycle House, the graphic design exhibition “Can you ride a bike? / Can you ride a bike?”

Forty colorful posters that tell the mobility of today and the future: the exhibition Can you Rad fahren? / Can you ride a bike? it can be visited from Saturday 12 September 2020 (inauguration on Wednesday 16 September at 5 pm) in MANN Atrium and in Cykelhuset.

The exhibition, scheduled for next October 31, 2020, is organized by the Goethe-Institut, in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Bicycle House; the exhibition has the support of the COMICON Association.

The forty graphic works, each measuring 50×70 cm, were selected from over 500 entries submitted by young graphic designers from the most famous art and design schools in Germany and Italy on the occasion of the homogenous competition organized by the Goethe-Institut. The purpose of the competition, aimed at students and budding talents, was to bring out the bike’s theme.

Do you know how to cycle? Therefore, it was not only configured as an original and refined exhibition, but also as a broader project to promote sustainable mobility, starting right from the metropolises, suffocated by traffic and smog.

Not to be missed, among the works presented to the public are some pictures that leave their mark: on a poster, the lungs are represented by the wheels of a bicycle; in the graphic with “Find the bike” the provocation is the search for the most sustainable vehicle in a mountain of polluting vehicles; in a work resembling a modern dance, characters on bicycles chase each other in a harmonious circle.

The “moral” of the exhibition therefore: the bicycle is the means of the future. It is fast, light, stays in shape and takes everywhere; its use is becoming – especially in the current phase – more and more a necessity. The development and avant-garde of contemporary cities can therefore not be measured on the basis of the number of circulating cars, but on the basis of the use of alternative mobility.

Exhibited, as anticipated by the competition, will be not only the 2 winners, one for each of the categories (“Under Training” and “Young Talents”), but also the 20 best Italian posters and the 20 best German posters.

The choice of MANN to host one of the two Neapolitan phases of the exhibition is not accidental: already with the exhibition “Understanding climate change”, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples has actually elaborated on the current theme of the sustainability of individual behavior, configure themselves as a space for discussion that pays attention to the most innovative trends in modern creativity.

For the exhibition “Can you ride a bike?”The museum reaffirms the importance of relations with institutions operating in the area: If Cykelhuset is part of the twenty-six locations in the Extramann network, an agreement will also be launched on the occasion of the exhibition, guaranteeing a one-to-one -a discount at the Goethe-Institut.

In fact, students from the Neapolitan branch of the prestigious Institute of German Language and Culture will receive a two-euro discount on the full price of visiting the archeological site; Holders of OpenMann subscriptions will again receive a 10% reduction for attending Goethe courses.

The project “Can you ride a bike? / Can you ride a bike?” is part of the Napoli Bike Festival on the occasion of European Mobility Week.

PHOTO: You can cycle – copyright Paola Damiano and the Goethe-Institut

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