Business International maps the roadmap for decentralized states in the digital economy and culture

On 11 May, the Knowledge Unit of Fiera Milano and Nero Editions, in collaboration with the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, will launch a path that combines culture, technology and innovation, and will lead all interested parties to the first Italian summit dedicated to web3, which held on 29 September

The visionary artistic installation DRIP-LAB will also welcome visitors and accompany them on this unprecedented journey

Milan, May 9, 2022Business International – Fiera Milano and Nero Editions in cooperation with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, announce the realization of the first real path to meetings that will seek to fully understand the radical transformation that is taking place on the traditional models of business and culture that are evolving into a new form of decentralized and digital economy. “Create with blockchainIn fact, it will lead all interested parties to the first Italian event dedicated to the theme of web3 and this new form of virtual economy, which is revolutionizing business and cultural arrangements. These decentralized states of economics and digital culture, which will have their first appointmentMay 11held in the space of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan – with a view to September 29of the summit of the same name, which will then be split into an entire day of keynote speeches and round tables – in fact, they will be an event, promoted by partners such as Accenture And Another 1designed to look at the complex form of activity and trading of digital assets – transparent, unchanging and without intermediaries, made possible by the use of blockchain – and the radical transformation that this produces on traditional models of value production.


On this first day (May 11), some of the key experts in the academic, artistic, technological and managerial world will find themselves defining the guidelines for the approach, the opportunities to be seized, the challenges to be faced and the trends to be followed. in a world in full swing, but destined to mark a new step in the relationship between man, culture and technology. Thus, through moderation of the curators of the event, Carlo Antonellidirector of Business International – Fiera MilanoAnd Lorenzo Gigottico-founder of Nero editionspersonality as Massimiliano Tarantinodirector of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, Gian Luca Comandinientrepreneur, technology lawyer and university professor, Andrea Lissoniartistic director Haus der Kunst in Munich, Silvia Dal Dossoartist and researcher, Valentina Tanniart historian, professor of digital art at the Politecnico di Milano and in digital cultures at NABA in Rome and Milan, Winter muteartists and creators of DAO, Stefania SianiCEO and Chief Creative Manager of Serviceplan Italy and chairman of the Italian Advertising Association, Giulia FerrariCorporate Strategy Manager for Balich Wonder Studio, Marco StaglianòCEO for Another 1, Massimo Sterpilawyer specializing in intellectual property, Miltos Manetasartist, Paolo Luca Barbieri, trader and artist of the Alterazioni Video collective, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelliarchitect and founder of the think tank ‘2050+’, Maria MazzoneHead of Accenture Customer Innovation Network Milan, Alessandra Pellegrinicritic and author and Bruce Sterlingfamous science fiction writer and one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement, gets the opportunity to discuss the close relationship between innovation and uniqueness, decentralization, creativity, culture and the future of business.


An essential synergy to look to the future, the one between art, culture, business and innovation, which will be the real focal point that all discussion and comparison of the experts involved will revolve around. Suffice it to say that this new digital economy model in 2021 produced its first exemplary event through the artist American Beeple who sold Non Fungible Token made on his digital work “Weekdays“For a total value of $ 69.3 million. Many others after him did the same, and from that moment everything changed. Not only for art, but precisely for business in general: from music to sports, from literature to fashion, from food to the automotive industry. Being able to give a value of uniqueness to a virtual object that can be created by each of us has actually redefined the concept of craft, which dramatically expands the playing field of the collector and creator world. In this constantly evolving context, even “Create with blockchain“Will bring its innovative and futuristic contribution to immersing its audience in a new universe through the phygital DRIP – LAB installation, designed by Another 1 in collaboration with Olmetex. A visionary, multidisciplinary and creative idea without borders, demanding Nft and graffiti created by 4 of the most famous artists / writers today. A journey therefore to discover the decentralized states of economics and culture that are able to offer a new view of the world of art and technology, where digital form and physical form meet through NFT and generate new culture.

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