Bologna Museumsinstitution | Civic Museum of Industrial Art and Davia Bargellini Gallery


Bologna Museumsinstitution | Civic Museum of Industrial Art and Davia Bargellini Gallery

Davide D’Elia

Curated by Elisa Del Prete


May 12 – September 25, 2022
Civic Museum of Industrial Art and Davia Bargellini Gallery
Strada Maggiore 44, Bologna

Exhibition conceived and produced by NOS Visual Arts Production
In collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei | Citizens’ museums for ancient art

As part of ART CITY Bologna 2022 on the occasion of Arte Fiera

Preview visit for the press
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 10
Be sure to be credited on Tuesday, May 10 at. 16.00

photo Davide D’Elia, FRESH2022, installation exhibition of the exhibition, Davia Bargellini Museum, Bologna
Photo © M3S Rom

NOS Visual art production presents FRESHthe first solo exhibition of Davide D’Elia (Cava de ‘Tirreni, 1973) in Bologna, at Davia Bargellini Museumedited by Elisa Del Prete and in collaboration with Bologna Museumsinstitution | Citizens’ museums for ancient art In the context of ART CITY Bologna 2022on the occasion of Art fair.

The intervention, visible to the public from 12 May to 25 September 2022is conceived in dialogue with the museum’s collection and the distinctive museographic criteria that dictate the exhibition journey inside the 17th century building where it is located, a rare example of private collection.
The exhibition consists of eight plexiglass paintings from the cycle FRESH made during a previous operation site specific made by D’Elia in 2018 on the frescoes of the Salone delle Feste in the Palazzo Atti-Pensi di Todi, a sixteenth-century residence that stands in the center of the main square of the Umbrian city, which in Bologna is set up in relation to paintings and sculptures commissioned by the patronage of Bargellini, among the Bolognese families who held important positions in the city’s senate.
The artist has for some time explored the relationship between past and present, art history and contemporary art, academic painting and pictorial “gestures”, in a way that focuses on a rethinking shape and color in a current key.

The exhibition in Bologna is completed by two new interventions site specific on two paintings from the museum’s collection that, when they leave the original location of the Davia Bargellini Museum to be exhibited elsewhere, they will again activate a translation process that takes the primary context with it.
“Acts” of the same poem, works of FRESH they build in time and space a dialogue between geographically distant places through an overlapping action, where each individual’s history and identity are stratified on the next piece.
Precisely in this perspective, the visit offers an experience of Virtual reality (made by Filippo Pagotto / EL CA BO), through which the visitor witnesses the contemporaneity of the work by reuniting the cycle with its original source.

During the exhibition period, the Davia Bargellini Museum will host a talk with the artist to present the concept book Warm Cool realized thanks to the support of Italian Council (X Edition, 2021), program for international promotion of Italian art by the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity in the Ministry of Culture, of which Istituzione Bologna Musei | The Civic Museums of Ancient Art is a cultural partner.

The exhibition project is presented with a preview visit reserved for the press convened to Wednesday, May 10 at 10.
The meeting will take place in accordance with the rules on the containment of coronavirus infection. To gain access, it is necessary to wear the Ffp2 mask.
Media representatives and interested parties wishing to be accredited are requested to confirm participation, no later than 16.00 on Tuesday 10 May 2022by replying to this email.


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